There Be Dragons Here

   Listen to the reports on education in America and you will hear an undercurrent of worry that we are lacking in the basic sciences. The educators are quick to point out that we are fascinated by the mystic and occult to the detriment of our basic understanding of the world around us. With the popularity of the movie 'Reign of Fire' about the return of dragons to this world and the destruction of our civilization in an almost cataclysmic manner, perhaps one can understand their worry. The premise and science underlying the film are so poor that I had to switch that part of my brain off and just escape into the action. But I do love dragons and it was interesting to see a bald Matthew McConaughey.

   But for all of you naysayers and doubters, Atlanta has its own dragon, a monstrous metallic beast standing 13' tall with a wingspan of over 23' locked in combat with a medieval French knight (some would say St. George, myself Launcelot). The giant metal sculpture, visible as you round Terrell Mill from Cobb Parkway, was commissioned by Phelps Hope, president of Aspen Productions - a meeting and event planning company, to symbolize our struggles in everyday life. The knight, representing Phelps' company, symbolizes their core values of honor, integrity, and ethics. The sculpture created by Colorado artist Sean Guerrero (see other Guerrero sculptures) took over ten months to create and is fashioned from 400 car bumpers, soup spoons, and other chrome pieces and weighs over 5500 pounds. 

Reign of Fire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Edward Shearmur (Composer); Audio CD

Reign of Fire -- Bay Area Multimedia; PlayStation2