Chronology of Michael Collins

1890 October 16: born in townland of Woodfield, near Clonakilty, West Cork
1906 passed Post Office Boy clerkship examination and moved to London; worked on Post Office Savings Bank and later other financial firms
1909 sworn in as member of Irish Republican Brotherhood
1916 January: returned to Ireland; joined Irish Volunteers
1916 April: took part in Easter Rising; interned at Frongoch Prison Camp, Wales
1916 December: released from prison
1917: Secretary of National Aid Association; set up underground intelligence network
1918: helped in De Valera's escape from Lincoln Prison, England; elected M.P. for Cork
1919 January: Dáil Éireann established; appointed Minister for Finance; organized successful national loan; £10,000 was price on his head, evaded captured by British army
1920 guerilla war against British intensified
1920 November 20: Collin's Secret Service "Squad" executed 19 British Secret Service agents ("Cairo Gang")
1921 July: British Government sought truce
1921 July 11: Anglo-Irish truce took effect
1921 September 14: appointed by Dáil Éireann as a delegate to the treaty negotiations in London
1921 December 6: Anglo-Irish Treaty signed
1922 January 7: Treaty ratified by Dáil Éireann; De Valera and his supporters rejected decision
1922 January 16: Pro-Treaty candidates won 92 out of total 128 in General Election
1922 June 28: Free State Army began shelling anti-Treaty positions in Dublin; beginning of civil war
1922 August 20: Collins as Commander-in-Chief of Free State Army left Dublin to visit forces in south of country
1922 August 22: in West Cork, convoy ambushed at Béal na Bláth, Collins killed by ricochet bullet