Howard Pyle's The Champions of the Round Table

The Champions of the Round Table
Written and Illustrated by Howard Pyle




The Story of Launcelot 

Chapter First - How Sir Launcelot Came Forth From the Enchanted Castle of the Lake and Entered Into the World Again, and How King Arthur Made Him Knight 

Chapter Second - How Sir Launcelot and Sir Lionel Rode Forth Errant Together and How Sir Lionel Met Sir Turquine to His Great Dole. Also How Sir Ector Grieved for the Departure of His Brother Launcelot and So, Following Him, Fell into a Very Sorry Adventure

Chapter Third - How Sir Launcelot was Found in a Sleep by Queen Morgana le Fay and Three Other Queens who were with Her, and How He was Taken to a Castle of Queen Morgana's and of What Befell Him There

Chapter Fourth - How Sir Launcelot Sought Sir Lionel and How a Young Damsel Brought Him to the Greatest Battle that Ever He Had in All His Life

Chapter Fifth - How Sir Launcelot Went Upon an Adventure with the Damsel Croisette as Companion, ana How He Overcame Sir Peris of the Forest Sauvage

Chapter Sixth - How Sir Launcelot Took Part in the Tournament Between King Bagdemagus and the King of North Wales, and How He Won that Battle for King Bagdemagus 

Chapter Seventh - How Sir Launcelot Fell Into the Greatest Peril that Ever He Encountered in all His Life. Also How He Freed a Misfortunate Castle and Town From the Giants Who Held Them, and How He Released the Lord Thereof From a Dungeon 

Chapter Eighth - How Sir Launcelot Rescued Sir Kay From a Perilous Pass Also How He Changed Armor with Sir Kay and what Befell 


The Book of Sir Tristram

Prologue & Part I The Story of Sir Tristram and the Lady Belle Isoult

Chapter First - How the new Queen of Lyonesse sought Tristram's life; how he went to France, and how he Returned again to Lyonesse and was Received With Love at that Place

Chapter Second - How Sir Tristram was made Knight by the King of Cornwall, and how he Fought a Battle with a Famous Champion 

Chapter Third - How Sir Tristram went to Ireland to be healed of his Wound by the King's Daughter of Ireland, and of how he came to love the Lady Belle Isoult. Also concerning Sir Palamydes and the Lady Belle Isoult

Chapter Fourth - How Sir Tristram encountered Sir Palamydes at the Tournament and of what befell. Also how Sir Tristram was Forced to leave the Kingdom of Ireland 

Chapter Fifth - How Sir Tristram was sent by Command of King Mark to go to Ireland to Bring the Lady the Belle Isoult from Ireland to Cornwall and how it fared with him

Chapter Sixth - How Sir Tristram had to do in Battle with Three Knights of the Round Table. Also how he had Speech with King Arthur

Chapter Seventh - How Sir Trtistram had Speech with King Angus of Ireland; how he Undertook to Champion the Cause of King Angus and of what Happened Thereafter

Part II The Story of Sir Tristram and Sir Lamorack

Chapter First - How Sir Lamorack of Gales came to Tintagel and how he and Sir Tristram Swart Friendship Together in the Forest

Chapter Second - How Sir Tristram Started to go to Camelot, and how he Stayed by the Way to do Battle with Sir Nabon le Noir 

Chapter Third - How Sir Tristram did justice in the island, and Thereby Released Sir Lamorack from Captivity. Also how Sir Tristram and Sir Lama rack Renewed their Great Tenderness Toward one another

Part III The Madness of Sir Tristram

Chapter First - How Sir Tristram was Discovered with the Lady Belle Isoult; how he Assaulted King Mark, and how he Escaped from Tintagel into the Forest 

Chapter Second - How Sir Tristram got him a Sword from Sir Kay, and how he Slew Therewith a Huge Knight in the Forest and Rescued a Lady in very Great Distress. Also how Sir Launcelot found Sir Tristram in the Forest and Brought him Thence to Tintagel again

Chapter Third - How Sir Tristram was Discovered at Tintagel and of what Befell Thereby 

Chapter Fourth - How Sir Tristram and the Lady Belle Isoult Returned to Cornwall, and how they Ended their Days Together

The Book of Sir Percival


Chapter First - How Percival Departed into the World and how he Found a Fair Damsel in a Pavilion; likewise how he came before Queen Guinevere and how he Undertook his First Adventure

Chapter Second - How Say Percival was made Knight by King Arthur; how he rode Forth with Sir Lamorack and how he Left Say Lamorack in quest of Adventure upon his own Account; likewise how a Great Knight Taught him craft an Arms

Chapter Third - How Sir Percival met two Strange People in the Forest, and how he Succored a Knight who was in very Great Sorrow and Dole

Chapter Fourth - How Sir Percival Undertook the Adventure of the Castle of Beaurepaire and how he Fared Therein after Several Excellent Adventures

Chapter Fifth - How Sir Percival Repaid Sir Kay the Buffet he one time gave Yelande the Dumb Maiden, and how, Thereafter, he went Forth to Seek his own Lady of Love


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