Arthurian and Grail Poetry


Domnall Brecc was a king of Dal Riada who was killed attacking Strathclyde. His death is reported in the Annals of Ulster (642): Postea Domnall Brecc in bello Sraith Cairun in fine anniin Decembri interfectus est ab Hoan rege Britonum annis .xu regnauit (Afterwards Domnall Brec was slain at the end of the year, in December, in the battle of Srath Caruin, [Strathcarron] by Hoan, king of the Britons. He reigned 15 years). The reference to Hoan [Owain] may be added for the Welsh genealogies in Harlian MS 3859 give the Strathcyde genealogy as: Eugein map Beli map Neithon.

Gwelais i ddull o Bentir a ddoyn,
A berth am goelcerth a ymddygyn.
Gwelais i ddau og eu tre re rygwyddyn,
O air wyr Nwython rygodesyn.
Gwelais i wyr tyllfawr gan wawr a ddoyn,
A phen Dyfnwal Frych brain a'i cnoyn.
I saw an array that came from Pentir,
And bore themselves splendidly around the conflagration.
I saw a second one, rapidly descending from their township,
Who had risen at the word of the grandson of Nwython.
I saw great sturdy men who came with the dawn,
And the head of Domnall Brecc, ravens gnawed it.