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There are many pages on the web dedicated to the Arthurian period that provide excellent and often vital information in our quest for the real Arthur. These are some of my favorites not covered in other pages of the site.

Arthuriana - Scholarly journal that sponsors Arthurnet
Arthuriana Pedagogy web site for teachers
The Quest - University of Idaho Arthurian Project
Dandalf the Dragon
Christopher Siren's Myths and Legends
Paul Halsall's Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Camelot International
the Vortigern Studies
The Heroic Age
- a free online journal dedicated to the study of the Northwestern Europe from the Late Roman Empire to the advent of the Norman Empire.
Paul Deane's Gawain and the Green Knight site


Whatever your point of view, there is a publication which explores all aspects of what was once called the Matter of Britain. Pendragon is the Journal of the Pendragon Society, which devotes itself to Arthurian Studies in three main areas:



history and archaeology

legend and folklore

literature, the arts, and popular culture


Founded in 1959, the Society was associated with the archaeological excavations of South Cadbury hillfort in Somerset (which though not Camelot was occupied in the Dark Ages), and with a long-running dig at a Dark Age church site in the Gower Peninsula, Wales. It has hosted 'Round Tables' at Arthurian sites like Winchester and Caerleon, and includes in its world-wide membership authors, artists, academics, and enthusiastic amateurs of the Arthurian theme.