It is unclear as to the exact role that Sir Ulfius serves under Uther Pendragon in Malory. He is merely called a noble knight but it is most likely as a captain in his army and as a principal councilor and knight-companion. It is Ulfius that attends Uther in his war against Gorlois and counsels him to seek out Merlin. He is the man charged with finding Merlin and even has enough power to bargain with Merlin in Uther's name. He accompanies Uther in disguise to Tintagel and later negotiates the marriage of Uther and Igraine. In the battle of St. Albans, he is listed as one of the main heroes. After Uther's death, he must have remained a prominent and powerful man for he is one of the men charged with protecting Arthur and is named by Arthur as chamberlain and is prominent in his early battles.