Percyvelle of Galles

   In Chretien's Perceval, Wolfram's Parzival and the Welsh Peredur, no serious attempt is made by Perceval/Parzival/Peredur to remove the armour of the Red Knight. This is done for him by Yvonet, Iwanet or Owein respectively. (The first two are evidently the same; maybe also identical with Owein.) However, in the English romance Sir Percyvelle of Galles, he does try to remove the knight, but by burning him out. It is Gawain who happens by in this case to help the hero. He actually goes on to burn the Red Knight's mother on the fire, an apparent wanton act of barbarity justified by the fact as she is the Red Knight's mother and a witch she must be evil and must be punished.

Percyvelle of Galles is a Perceval romance without a Grail of any sort. Curiously, the ring stolen from the lady in the tent takes on a role of central importance in this version.