Pellam of Listineise

   Pellam was of Joseph of Arimathea's kin and the most worshipful man that lived in those days. He is Malory's Fisher King. A gentleman identifies him to Balin as King of Listeneise; but for all of his exalted state, he is the brother of an unchivalrous knight named Garlon that Balin pursues for killing two knights. When Balin kills Garlon at the feast, Pellam rises up to revenge his brother. In the struggle, Pellam's sword breaks Balin's, forcing Balin to run from chamber to chamber looking for a weapon. He finds a strangely wrought spear, which is none other than the spear that Longinus used to smite Jesus to the heart while he hung on the cross, and strikes the dolorus stroke. Pellam falls into a swoon and the castle roof and walls cave in. For three days, Pellam lies in a state where he might move neither foot nor hand underneath the ruins of the castle. Merlin arrives to rescue Balin but the damage is done. The castle is broken and three countries are destroyed. Balin rode forth and found the people dead on every side throughout the lands. Pellam will lay for many years sore wounded in the rich bed that Joseph of Arimathea himself had slept in and would not be made whole until Galahad heals him in the quest of the Sangreal.