Out of Avalon: Tales of Old Magic and New Myths

A new collection that features 15 stories of magic, adventure and romance surrounding the legend of King Arthur, including stories by:

Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L. Peterson
Katherine Kerr
Rosemary Edghill
Tricia Sullivan
Diana Gabaldon and Samuel Watkins
Michelle West
David Farland: "The Mooncalfe" has Merlin begetting a daughter on a scullery maid at Tintagel while Uther is with Igraine. Merlin's daughter gets revenge.
Kristen Britain
Judith Tarr
Mike Resnick and Adrienne Gormley
Jennifer Roberson
Laura Resnick: "Greivous Wounds" has Arthur dying regret-filled and going back into his past to see how much he really changed the world.
Lorelei Shannon:  "Black Dogs" gives the real reason that Arthur fell at Camlann. Mordred was only the instrument, according to his favorite dog, the narrator of this story.
Eric van Lustbader
Nina Kiriki Hoffman