Nanteos Cup

   The Nanteos cup which is one of the purported possible grails was in the possession of the Powell family in Aberystwyth. It probably picked up the name of Nanteos from the mansion which the Powells owned (built I believe in 1738). For a period of time, at least from the 1930-1952, the cup was used in ceremonies and purported miracles. Somewhere around 1952, the last Powell died and the cup was supposed to have passed into the hands of the Mirylee family (one of the last Powells married a British major of that name). There is an account on the web of two monks that visited the Mirylees around 1959 and were shown the cup (less than 2/3 still remaining of its form). The last verifiable info I have found, states that it is probably stored in a bank vault near the Nanteos area; and of course, the usual conspiracy theories that there is a Guardian that safeguards it and moves it around from time to time because the Welsh government or the Brits want to take possession of it.
   Do I believe that the Nanteos cup is the Cup of the Last Supper? No. But that is a case for another day. Just remember that it is the belief that transforms the reality into the spiritual. The real grail in the hands of a disbeliever is just a cup. A cup in the hands of a saint is a sacrament.