Harleian Genealogies of the Kings of the North

(Strathclyde) Riderch hen map Tutagual map Clinoch map Dumgual hen. (Rhydderch the Old, son of Tudwal, son of Clynoch, son of Dunwal the Old)

(Rheged) Urbgen map Cinmarc map Merchianum map Gurgust [map Ceneu] map Coil hen. (Urien Rheged the great-great-great-grandson of Old King Cole)

[G]uallauc map Laenauc map Masguic clop map Ceneu map Coyl hen.

[G]urci ha Peretur (George and Peredur, rulers in York at the time of Arderydd [Arthuret]) mepion Eleuther cascord maur map [Gurgust] letlum map Ceneu map Coyl hen. (Peredur, Son of Eleutherius of the Host, descendant of Ceneu and Cole).