Gaheris, brother of Gawaine, like his other brothers, first visited Arthur's court when Morgawse arrived following the Battle of Bedegraine. When Gawaine returns to be made a knight at Arthur's wedding to Guenever, Gaheris is by his side to act as his page. In a way, he acts as Gawaine's conscience, cooling his hot temper when Gawaine wishes to challenge Pellinore, praising him for his skills in his combat with Allardin of the Isles, and admonishing him after his failure to show mercy causes the death of the lady of Ablamar of the Marsh. But throughout Gawaine's early adventures, Gaheris is his steadfast companion.
   In some of the early Welsh stories, he is Gwalchaved (Hawk of Summer) to Gawaine's Gwalchmai (Hawk of May).