Finn m'Cumall

   There have been several discussions about parallels between Irish mythic warriors and Arthur. Many scholars of comparative mythology have pointed out that these motifs seem to be a common inheritance from Proto Indo European culture.
   In Irish myth, Cumall (Uthyr), aided by Lochet (Merlin?), kidnap Muirne (Igerna) against her father's wishes. Cumall is killed because of this and the fruit of Cumall and Muirne's union, Finn (Arthur), is taken away from his mother to be reared in secret, unaware of his parentage. Eventually Finn claims his right to be battle-leader (dux bellorum) of the Fianna (knights of the round table) whom he leads in several battles which are later to be historicized (Arthur's battle lists). He is involved with a love triangle with his fiancée and a noble (and normally quite loyal) Fian knight, Diarmuid (Lancelot, Medraut, etc.). Finn is a hunter of a magic boar (Welsh Twrch Trwyth, hunted by Arthur). Finn is killed as an older man, though in popular tales he is still alive an sleeping in the other world, awaiting to be reborn. Some tales indeed say he is reborn from time to time as a great nobleman.