Enid the daughter of Ynywl

   The character of Enid sustains the role of the faithful wife in the tale of Geraint ab Erbin. Her faith and constancy to Geraint even under hardship create the perfect example of love in the chivalric code. Lady Guest states "throughout the broad and varied region of romance, it would be difficult to find a character of greater simplicity and truth than that of Enid the daughter of Earl Ynywl. Conspicuous for her beauty and noble bearing, we are at a loss whether most to admire the untiring patience with which she bore all the hardships she was destined to undergo, or the unshaken constancy and devoted affection which finally achieved the triumph she so richly deserved."
   "The character of Enid is admirably sustained throughout the whole tale; and as it is more natural, because less overstrained, so, perhaps, it is even more touching than that of Griselda, over which, however, Chaucer has thrown a  charm that leads us to forget the improbability of her story."
   In the Triads, Enid's name is preserved as one of the fairest and most illustrious ladies of the Court of Arthur.-Triad 108.