Eleine of Rule

   Daughter of the Lady of the Rule and King Pellinore. In the Quest of the White Hart, Pellinore passes by a young woman holding a wounded knight without providing her assistance. Once she realized that she would receive no help, she kills herself with the knight's sword. When Pellinore is returning from the quest with Nimue, he finds the dead woman savaged by wild beasts and the dead knight and great sorrow fills him. Following Nimue's advice, he has the knight buried by a hermit and takes the head of the woman back to Camelot. When he tells his story, Merlin informs him that the woman was his daughter Eleine begotten on the Lady of the Rule and the knight was Miles of the Launds, her intended husband, who had been slain by a cowardly knight Loraine le Savage from behind. Because Pellinore failed to assist the woman, he will suffer doubly, for he has lost a daughter through his own failure and he shall meet his death when a friend leaves him to be slain.