Dolorous Stroke

   In the castle of King Pellam of Listineise was kept part of the blood of Jesus that Joseph of Arimathea brought into Britain and also the spear that Longinus smote Jesus to the heart with while he hung on the cross. For it is stated that Pellam was of Joseph's kin and the most worshipful man that lived in those days.
   In the story of Balin, we are told that Pellam made cry for a great tourney to be held. Balin and a certain rich gentleman set out with a damsel to attend the feast, for they were determined to revenge themselves upon Garlon, brother to Pellam who was a dishonorable knight. Balin and the damsel are admitted to the feast where Balin spots Garlon and causes the knight to notice his disdain. Garlon challenges Balin to attend to his own business and Balin rises and cleaves him to the shoulder and after takes the truncheon that Garlon had killed Sir Herlews with and drives it through Garlon's lifeless body.
   Pellam and his knights rise from their table to attack Balin. Pellam took a grim weapon and smote at Balin but Balin managed to place his sword to ward the stroke which caused his sword to burst asunder. Running from chamber to chamber, Balin finds the strangely wrought Spear of Longinus and turns and stabs Pellam. Pellam falls down into a swoon and the castle roof and walls collapse around them killing many of the attendants. For three days, they lay beneath the wreakage before Merlin arrives and rescues Balin sending him on his way with the knowledge of the dole and pain the stroke had caused, for three countries were destroyed and the people slain. And Pellam will lie in the rich bed that Joseph had once lain, in pain and suffering, until Galahad would arrive to heal him in the quest of the Sangreal.