Fay Sampson's Daughter of Tintagel Series

   A marvelous collection of five books telling Morgan the Fay's story in the tales of King Arthur. The first four books cleverly recount the life of Morgan through the eyes of different people in her life. The last book is Morgan's own version of the story and alternates chapters between Morgan retelling the story of the first four books from her perspective and another "Morgan" commenting on numerous versions of the character through literary history.

Wise Woman's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 1) by Fay Sampson (Paperback - Jul 1992)

   Wise Woman's Telling tells the story of Uther, Merlin, Gorlois, Ygrene and the begetting of the baby, Arthur, in the voice of Ygrene's childhood nurse, Gwennol, a wise woman of the old religion. As in the years since "Mists of Avalon", we have another of the feminine battles between the old religion and Christianity. Ygrene and her daughters, Elaine, and Morgawse practice the arts of the old religion but the young Morgan is not schooled in the old religion's art as Gwennol senses something powerful and dangerous in the child. Ignored by the father from whom she desperately craves attention, Morgan wishes she were a man that could ride off into battle by his side. Sampson does a fine job of portraying the complex driven Morgan, her loss at Gorlois' death and the need for vengeance. Ygrene is portrayed as a vain woman who uses witchcraft to obtain your dreams of power. Uther is a randy king with more joy in him than his predecessor Gorlois and all the more reason for Morgan to hate, as well as the son, Arthur.

White Nun's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 2) by Fay Sampson (Paperback - Jul 1992

   The last book ended with Morgan's attempt to kill her infant brother, Arthur, and Uther imprisoning her in a nunnery on Tintagel island for life. White Nun's Telling is told in the voice of Luned, a young farm girl whose dreams of a life of learning bring her to the convent on Tintagel island. Sampson gives us her story, from hard work to heir apparent to become the next leader of the convent. Unhappily, there is no happy ending for her dreams, instead, a tale where Luned's ambition and pride are punished. When Morgan is installed at the convent and put in Luned's charge, Luned's feeble attempts at controlling the girl backfire and it is Morgan who seduces and controls Luned to a bad end.

Black Smith's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 3) by Fay Sampson (Paperback - Oct 1992

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Taliesin's Telling (Daughter of Tintagel, Book 4) by Fay Sampson (Paperback - Jul 1992

Herself: Daughter of Tintagel (Daughter of Tintagel) by Fay Sampson (Paperback - Jan 9, 1992

Daughter of Tintagel by Fay Sampson (Paperback - Feb 1995) -Reprint of all 5 books