Bruges Sang Real Legend

   According to the story which originated in the 1140s at the time of the 2nd Crusade, a vial of blood collected by Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea at the entombment of Jesus was given by the King of Jerusalem to Count Thierry of Alsace/Flanders as reward for his services on crusade. He returned home around 1150. In both the Fécamp and Bruges legends, there was no grail cup, only vials, but both seem to antedate the first Grail stories.
   The role of Nicodemus in apocryphal post-crucifixion events seems to have begun with the legend of his carving of the Christ-image of Beirut. The story was first told during the Council of Nicaea II in 787CE and falsely attributed to St. Athanasius (circa 370CE).