Sir Borre le Cure Hardy

   Sir Borre was purported by Malory to be a son of Arthur. He is only mentioned in two chapters in Malory:

Book I, Chapter 17
   "So in the meanwhile there came a damosel that was an earl's daughter: his name was Sanam, and her name was Lionors, a passing fair damosel; and so she came thither for to do homage, as other lords did after the great battle [of Bedegraine]. And King Arthur set his love greatly upon her, and so did she upon him, and the king had ado with her, and gat on her a child: his name was Borre, that was after a good knight, and of the Round Table."

Book XIX, Chapter 11
   In the list of knights who attempted to cure Sir Urre of Hungary: "...Sir Borre le Cure Hardy that was King Arthur's son..."

   These are the only two mentions of Borre in Malory. In the Vulgate, Lionors is mentioned but she bears Arthur a different son.