Sir Bedwyr or Bedivere

   Bedwyr was Arthur's spear-wielder of Welsh tradition and his chief early comrade next to Kay. In Geoffrey's Historia, he and Kay both held responsible posts in Arthur's reorganization of Gaul, and both gave him stalwart support in a fight with the giant on Mont-Saint-Michel. He was made Duke of Neustria and perished in the Roman campaign. In Malory, he was less conspicuous in his role as royal cupbearer. Malory has Bedivere as the last knight to remain at the King's side when the Round Table perished and the knight who cast Excalibur into the lake.
   In the early stories, he was one handed but was considered a skilled warrior. From his early prominence, his role at Arthur's side was often over shadowed by the introduction of Lancelot, another Breton warrior, into the legends. In many of the newer fictional accounts of the legends, he has moved back to a position of respect. In a few, he has replaced Lancelot, whose authenticity has been questioned.