Battle of St. Albans

   The only battle that Malory directly names that Uther won is St. Albans. Malory does not specifically name Uther's enemies but states that it was a great host from the North. Uther was carried into battle on a litter, Merlin having prophesied that Uther could only defeat his enemies if he were there personally. Uther's enemies were put to flight. Both Sir Ulfius and Sir Brastius are named as the champions of the day.
   We are left with two choices as to Uther's enemies in this fight: one is that the host was one of the incursions by the Picts and northern barbarian tribes; the other is that of the beginning of the civil war in which the northern kings - Lot, Uriens, Carados, et al, sense Uther's pending demise and choose to move against him. Either of these options gives us the required outcome - a period of unrest but not anarchy in which time Arthur can come of age and assume the throne. Malory states that after the battle, Uther returns to London to celebrate and during the celebration, he collapses and is left speechless for three days. On the final day, Merlin and the barons appear before Uther and Merlin has Uther proclaim that his son Arthur will assume the crown. When Arthur does step forward to receive his kingdom in the miracle of the sword in the stone, the chief opponents to him are the same kings of the northern countries. It seems probable then that the enemies at St. Albans were the kings with political alliance by marriage that would seek to gain greatness by Uther's death and were not there to witness the proclamation of succession. By defeating them and scattering them in battle, Uther created a vacuum of leadership because none of the adherents held sufficient strength or backing to take the throne by force.