King of Benwick (sometimes Gomeret) and brother of Bors. Assisted Arthur in holding his kingship when first crowned. In return for his assistance, Arthur was to aid him against his foe, King Claudas. When Claudas destroyed Ban's castle at Trebes (Treves), he died of a broken heart. Ban's wife is usually identified as Elaine. His son Lancelot would become Arthur's chief knight. Ban also had an illegitimate son, Ector de Maris, whose mother was the wife of Agravadan. Some have suggested that the name Ban de Benoic (Ban of Benwick) was a corruption of Bran le Benoit (Bran Bendigeid or Bendigeidfran -Bran the Blessed).
   In the French medieval romance Roman des fils du roi Constant, Ban's wife is named Sabe and they have a daughter called Liban.
   Ban's sword was called Courechouse.