In the book of Balin, Malory introduces Basdemegus (a slight variant of the name used later and evidence of my belief that Malory wrote his manuscript book by book smuggling the pieces out of prison to friends), a cousin of Arthur's on Urien's side. After the war with the five kings, Arthur must replace the eight knights of the Round Table that were lost. After holding counsel with Pellinore, Arthur chooses as the eighth knight, Tor rather than Bagdemagus. Bagdemagus, in anger, leaves the court vowing to not return until men spoke of him in great worship and he was worthy to be a knight of the Round Table. When he sets out he sees a sign of the Sangreal, a branch of an holy herb. He rode on many adventures and even found the great stone where Nimue had imprisoned Merlin. But he was unable to help Merlin and Merlin told him to desist for he was beyond help. Bagdemagus departed and did many other adventures and returned to become a knight of the Round Table.
   He is later identified as King of Gore. His son was Meleagaunce who kidnapped Guinevere. Bagdemagus prevented him from raping her.
   During the Grail Quest, he took a special shield with a red cross on it intended for Galahad; and for his pains, he was wounded by a white knight. He was later killed by Gawain.