"And so he departed toward Winchester [Camelot] with his fellowship; and so by the way the king lodged in a town called Astolat, that is now in English called Guildford, and there the king lay in the castle..."
- Malory, Le Morte D'Arthur, Book XVIII, Chapter 8 (Penguin Classics Edition, Vol II, pg. 388)

The home of Elaine, the lily maid that fell in love with Lancelot and then died of a broken heart when he rejected her. Guildford is a superb defensive site that stands on a steep hill rising from the river Wey. From the top of High Street, which goes straight up the hill, you can see well into the countryside. Just outside town is a high steep ridge called the Hog's Back, which is several miles long and only a few hundred feet wide, offering unimpeded views over the whole countryside. The ancient west road travels the length of the Hog's Back.