Arwiragus (Arviragus)

   One of the historical personages that have been equated with Arthur is Arwiragus. Sometime in the period of 80CE to 90CE, Juvenal wrote that Arwiragus was one of British kings who opposed the Romans. In Geoffrey's Historia, he is a king of Britain who succeeded his brother Guiderius who had been killed in Claudius' invasion of Britain in 43CE. A truce was established between Claudius and Arwiragus, with Arwiragus marrying Claudius' daughter, Genvissa. Later, Arwiragus revolted, but peace was eventually restored through Genvissa's intervention. Geoffrey Ashe and others including Ratcliffe and John Whitehead have attempted to place Arwiragus in the Somerset area and to equate him with Caratacus and in some of the proposals, as a prototypical Arthur.
   In one of the theories, Arwiragus was thought to have given Joseph of Arimathea the famous twelve hides of land in the Glastonbury locality.