Arthwys ap Meurig ap Tewdrig

   Arthwys ap Meurig ap Tewdrig of Glywyssing & Gwent is generally thought to have lived in the mid-7th century CE, although some theorists do push him back to the traditional Arthurian period. Iolo Margannwg misspelled Athrwys as Arthur in one of his Manuscripts and the theorists took over. In 1747, Thomas Carte published the first volume of his 'General History of England' and mentions Arthur of the Silures and Arthurios ap Meurig as the true Arthur.
   Several recent books, including Barber & Pykitt's Journey to Avalon, attempt to identify the real Arthur have tried to link Arthur to this individual including linking this individual to Saint Armel.
   Even though Arthwys has been linked to Arthur, the name Arthwys does not translate to Arthur. In the Glywysing section of the Harleian Genealogies, it was Atroys [map Mouric] map Teudubric and in Late Old Welsh, it was Athruis filius Mourici in the Liber Landavensis.