Artur, son of Aedan mac Gabran

   Artur filiorum Aedan, or 'son of Aedan' (mac Gabran or Conaing according to the source consulted), of Dalriada, a kingdom which once spanned southwestern Scotland and northeastern Ulster. Adomnan's Life of Columba, credits Columba with the prophesy that Arthur son of Aedan would not live to reign. The Annuls of Tigernach under the date 596, records the "slaughter of the sons of Aedan", including Artur, at the battle of Churchind, which is to the northeast of the Miathi territory proper.
   Adomnan claims Arthur died in the battle of the Miathi, a Pictish tribe whose territory is found around the middle of the Antonine Wall. Perhaps he is the Arthur alluded to in the Gododdin poem which deals with the battles and defeat of the Gododdin and their allies by the Angles of Bernicia (Northumbria). A more interesting question is why did Aedan name his son after a mythic British king.