Arthur map Petr

   "Arthur map Petr" is included in a Welsh genealogy appended to a copy of the Nennius manuscript. While this genealogy is corrupt, and contains variant spellings, it confirms that this Arthur was a Prince of Dyfed, son of Peter and great-grandson of Vortipor. Very little is known about him. The Welsh genealogists altered his pedigree to make his dynasty of Romano-British descent, rather than of Irish descent. Thus this Arthur was doubtless thought to be a Briton. There is little reason to doubt his existence, as we have proof in the inscribed stone found dedicated to his great-grandfather Voteporix that the Dyfed royal genealogy may be trustworthy at least in its later portion. Bartrum puts his traditional birth-date at c. 560.
   In a notice, not often cited, in the Book of Llandaff, there exists a Medieval forgery of a donation deed supposedly witnessed by "Ferdach, map Naiee map Arthur". The purpose of the book of Llandaff was to confirm to the crown that various lands had been donated to the cathedral and monastery of Llandaff as "penance" for various sins. It must be supposed that any time the church set out to justify its claims, only the most believable evidence would be cited. In both of the genealogies mentioned above, Arthur son of Peter was indeed credited with being father of Naiee. The inclusion of this fact in the spurious Book of Llandaff shows that as late as the twelfth century, the genealogy of this seventh century Arthur was not questioned, either by the people or the crown.