In the Mabinogion story Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, Arawn is the 'Pen Annwn' or Head of Annwn, king in Annwn; who appeals to Pwyll for help against Hafgan, and exchanges kingdoms for a year with him. In the story, he appears as a huntsman pursuing a white stag with his pack of red-eared hounds. He rewarded Pwyll with a herd of pigs in return for having rid him of Hafgan.
    Arawn is seasonally challenged by other would-be claimants for his title, 'Pen Annwn' or Head of Annwn, and cedes place with another warrior in order to retain his position and so is closely related to Gwynn ap Nudd, who engages in a similar seasonal contest. Two such stories are the Pwyll story involving Hafgan and the story about Amatheon.
   The Triads also makes mention an Arawn, son of Kynvarch.