Annals of Ulster

   The Annals of Ulster, written in a mixed Latin and Gaelic, has entries covering the period from 431CE to 1540CE. Donnchadh O'Corrain states that it was created across the period c. 550 to c. 1588 by authors "various and mostly unknown." An Arthurian related entry is noted for 467CE; but there needs to be a determination as to the glosses and scribal changes before any value can be placed on the information.

467: Bas OITER PENDRAGEN regis Anglie cui sucsessit filius suus, .i. CINGH ARRTUR, .i. do orrdaig an bord cruinn.

which roughly in English is translated:

467: Death of Oiter Pendragen, King of English, who was succeeded by his son, that is, Cingh Arrtur, that is, the ordainer of the Round Table.