Anna appears in most of the texts based on Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia. Many medieval authors were confused, however, about her because it is unclear in Geoffrey if she was Arthur's sister or his aunt. All of the stories, like Wace, that contain the Brut narrative include her, usually as a sister of Arthur, in the character later occupied by Morgause. Some of the texts include the prose Brut, Robert of Gloucester's Metrical Chronicle, Peter Langtoft's Chronicle, Robert Mannyng's Story of England, Thomas Gray's Scalacronica, and John Hardyng's Chronicle. Hardyng's chronicle (exists in two versions). In all of these various stories, Anna is married to Lot (Loth) and she is the mother of Mordred and Gawain, both Lot's children, unlike the later romances featuring Morgause. Fordun states that some people say Mordred had another origin, but he encourages his readers not to believe it. One of the Hardyng's Chronicle versions has a similar warning. It comes during the final battle between Arthur and Mordred and alludes to the story of incest. This warning is not found in the second version of the text.