Adaon ab Taliesin

   Adaon or Avaon, son of the chief of the bards, and a bard himself, was also celebrated for his valour. The Triads state that he was one of those three dauntless chieftains who feared nothing in the day of the battle and strife, but rushed onwards regardless of death.
   This courage and daring supported him through all the dangers of war. He fell at length by the hand of an assassin, Llawgad Trwm Bargawd or Llawgad Trwm Bargawd Eiddyn, whose name is preserved only as the perpetrator of this crime.
   The bold and determined character of Adaon appears to have continued even after death, for there is a Triad in which Avaon is spoken of as one of the grave-slaughtering ones, so called for their having avenged their wrongs from their graves.
   None of his poetry is known to be preserved, except the following which is given in the Englynion y Clyweid.-Myv. Arch. I. 173.

"Hast thou heard what Avaon sang,
The son of Taliesin, of the recording verse?
The cheek will not conceal the anguish of the heart."