After Sir Tor finds the brachet in the Quest of the White Hart and heads back toward Camelot, he is overtaken by the knight Abelleus who claims that the brachet is his. Abelleus is well armed and horsed; but even so, Tor refuses to give him the hart and the two knights battle. They fight until they are exhausted, but Tor redoubles his effort and overcomes his opponent. Abelleus refuses to yield unless Tor returns the brachet which Tor can not do. Tor is on the verge of taking both the hart and Abelleus back to Camelot when a damosel arrives and beseeches Tor for a gift. When Tor agrees, she requests Abelleus' head as he is a false knight. In an adventure of arms, Abelleus overcame her brother, but refused to show mercy even when the knight yielded. The damosel even kneeled in the mud beseeching his mercy, but Abelleus killed her brother before her eyes.
   Fearing for his life, Abelleus yields now unconditionally, but Tor is indecisive as to how he must act. Tor takes off Abelleus' helm and the knight flees. Tor pursues and beheads him. Perhaps he should have waited to see if Tor was a true knight of the legends, but people generally see in others what lies in their own heart.