King Arthur in Hollywood

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

This animated film is a 600 year old coming of age story about the struggle of Sir Gawain, a young Knight of the Round Table, to maintain his chivalrous ideals against his own sexual yearnings and against the schemes of his elders. The film was made by Moving Still Animation in Dublin, in association with Vinegar Hill Productions in Donegal. It was commissioned by Channel4 and S4C (Wales). Tim Fernée of Moving Still was the Animation Director, and David Rane of Vinegar Hill was the Producer and Voice Director. The film won the Children's BAFTA for Best Animation in 2002.

The Animated Sir Gawain is available from:

Library Video Company 1-800-843-3620 $39.95 VHS 6M6617

Its 25 minutes long.