King Arthur in Hollywood

King Arthur & The Knights of Justice: King Arthur's Camelot VHS

And then, from the field of the future a new king will come to save to world of the past."

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice is a cartoon about young football players transported by Merlin into the past to pose as King Arthur and his knights until the real King Arthur can be rescued from Morganna's spell.

Their pledge "fairness to all, to protect the weak and vanquish the evil" pits them against Morganna and her evil warlords, as well as many other creatures and people that would fight for evil. All the while, the knights are on a search for magical keys, the only thing that can send them back to their own time.

King Arthur's Camelot contains three episodes:

Quest for Courage: Arthur and his knights must save Merlin's friend from an evil sea monster, but on their way a village is being attacked by Morganna's warlords.

The Search for Guinevere: The Knights of Justice fight to get the kidnapped Guinevere back from Morganna.

Warlord Knight: Lancelot falls down a waterfall and looses his memory. Morganna finds him and convinces him that he fights with her against the evil King Arthur. He goes back to Camelot with a mission, to destroy the Round Table and King Arthur.

King Arthur & The Knights of Justice: Return To Camelot VHS