King Arthur in Hollywood

Dark Knight

Dark Knight is a co-production between Palana Productions (NZ) Ltd and Dark Knight Production (UK) Ltd in conjunction with TVNZ (Avalon). It claims to attempt to take advantage of the popularity of the recent Xena and Hercules successes and go them one or so better with more CGI. Dark Knight is a multi-million pound Sword and Sorcery adventure series of one-hour episodes. The series follows Ivanhoe's epic quest to restore King Richard to the throne and bring peace to England. Aimed at family audiences around the world. Dark Knight uses extensive CGI to create a magical world filled with elves and goblins, as well as monsters from the underworld. The series is action packed, dark and brooding but with lashings of humour. The series was created by Terry Marcel who, together with Phil Wallbank of Palana Productions will produce the series in Wellington.

It apparently has run for two seasons; the first included the pilot and 11 episodes, the second season ran 13 episodes.

A few of the characters:
Ivanhoe, of course,
Prince John, also of course,
Rebecca, the sultry healer and fighter,
Odo, a comical dwarf,
Falco, a nasty Norman knight,
Mordour, the 'black magician and nemesis to Prince John',
Fingal, 'the last of the Druids' and something of a magician himself.

Starring Ben Pullen as Ivanhoe, Charlotte Comer as Rebecca, Peter O'Farrell as Odo and featuring Cameron Rhodes as Prince John, Todd Rippon as Falco.

"Dragonsinger" (1st season, ep.9) features the treasure of King Arthur hidden by Merlin in a cave and guarded by Draco, a dragon straight out of the 1996 post-Arthurian' film 'Dragonheart.' Among the things in Arthur's treasure is the Holy Grail which in the episode brings the title character, the dragon singer, a young girl, back to life. The way to steal the treasure we are told is to get someone pure of voice to sing the dragon to sleep.

"Thunderknight" (second season, ep.12), is a story of how Excalibur is acquired by Morgan le Fay and her son Mordred. Ivanhoe has to stop their bid for ultimate power.