King Arthur in Hollywood

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court VHS (1949)

A standard Bing Crosby musical, with his easy-going charm and droll humor, this standard re-make of Mark Twain's classic is not great but still a colorful production and relatively true to the story with a few changes to fit a musical without all the political satire. Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke aren't Rogers and Hammerstein but the charm is still there as Bing bumbles his way from prisoner to wizard to The Boss. Rhonda Fleming plays the beautiful Alisande as the love interest of Hank aka The Boss (Bing). Cedric Hardwicke is excellent as a codgerly old Arthur, allergic and out of touch with his people. Almost everyone else plays some villainy part with Murvyn Vye as Merlin, William Bendix as Sir Sagramore, and the rest of the knights of old.

A Connecticut Yankee VHS (1931)

Mark Twain's black and white classic rewritten to suit Will Rogers' aw-shucks wise-cracker personality. Cast: Will Rogers, Myrna Loy, Frank Albertson, William Barnum, Mitchell Harris, Brandon Hurst, Maureen O'Sullivan.