Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

For že hede in his honde he haldez vp euen,
Toward že derrest on že dece he dressez že face,
And hit lyfte vp že y3e-lyddez and loked ful brode,
And meled žus much with his muthe, as 3e may now here:
'Loke, Gawan, žou be grayže to go as žou hettez,
And layte as lelly til žou me, lude, fynde,
As žou hatz hette in žis halle, herande žise kny3tes;
To že grene chapel žou chose, I charge že, to fotte
Such a dunt as žou hatz dalt -- disserued žou habbez
To be 3ederly 3olden on Nw 3eres morn.
Že kny3t of že grene chapel men knowen me mony;
Forži me for to fynde if žou fraystez, faylez žou neuer.
Žerfore com, ožer recreaunt be calde že behoues.'
With a runisch rout že raynez he tornez,
Halled out at že hal dor, his hed in his hande,
Žat že fyr of že flynt fla3e fro fole houes.
To quat kyth he becom knwe non žere,
Neuer more žen žay wyste from quežen he watz wonnen.
What ženne?
Že kyng and Gawen žare
At žat grene žay la3e and grenne,
3et breued watz hit ful bare
A meruayl among žo menne.
Ža3 Aržer že hende kyng at hert hade wonder,
He let no semblaunt be sene, bot sayde ful hy3e
To že comlych quene wyth cortays speche,
'Dere dame, to-day demay yow neuer;
Wel bycommes such craft vpon Cristmasse,
Laykyng of enterludez, to la3e and to syng,
Among žise kynde caroles of kny3tez and ladyez.
Neuer že lece to my mete I may me wel dres,
For I haf sen a selly, I may not forsake.'
He glent vpon Sir Gawen, and gaynly he sayde,
'Now, sir, heng vp žyn ax, žat hatz innogh hewen';

And hit watz don abof že dece on doser to henge,
Žer alle men for meruayl my3t on hit loke,
And bi trwe tytel žerof to telle že wonder.
Ženne žay bo3ed to a borde žise burnes togeder,
Že kyng and že gode kny3t, and kene men hem serued
Of alle dayntyez double, as derrest my3t falle;
Wyth alle maner of mete and mynstralcie bože,
Wyth wele walt žday, til woržed an ende in londe.
Now ženk wel, Sir Gawan,
For wože žat žou ne wonde
Žis auenture for to frayn
Žat žou hatz tan on honde.

This hanselle hatz Arthur of auenturus on fyrst
In 3onge 3er, for he 3erned 3elpyng to here.
Tha3 hym wordez were wane when žay to sete wenten,
Now ar žay stoken of sturne werk, stafful her hond.
Gawan watz glad to begynne žose gomnez in halle,
Bot ža3 že ende be heuy haf 3e no wonder;
For ža3 men ben mery in mynde quen žay han mayn drynk,
A 3ere 3ernes ful 3erne, and 3eldez neuer lyke,
Že forme to že fynisment foldez ful selden.
Forži žis 3ol ouer3ede, and že 3ere after,
And vche sesoun serlepes sued after ožer:
After Crystenmasse com že crabbed lentoun,
Žat fraystez flesch wyth že fysche and fode more symple;
Bot ženne že weder of že worlde wyth wynter hit žrepez,
Colde clengez adoun, cloudez vplyften,
Schyre schedez že rayn in schowrez ful warme,
Fallez vpon fayre flat, flowrez žere schewen,
Bože groundez and že greuez grene ar her wedez,
Bryddez busken to bylde, and bremlych syngen
For solace of že softe somer žat sues žerafter bi bonk;
And blossumez bolne to blowe
Bi rawez rych and ronk,
Žen notez noble inno3e
Ar herde in wod so wlonk.

After že sesoun of somer wyth že soft wyndez
Quen Zeferus syflez hymself on sedez and erbez,
Wela wynne is že wort žat waxes žeroute,
When že donkande dewe dropez of že leuez,
To bide a blysful blusch of že bry3t sunne.
Bot žen hy3es heruest, and hardenes hym sone,
Warnez hym for že wynter to wax ful rype;
He dryues wyth dro3t že dust for to ryse,
Fro že face of že folde to fly3e ful hy3e;
Wrože wynde of že welkyn wrastelez with že sunne,
Že leuez lancen fro že lynde and ly3ten on že grounde,
And al grayes že gres žat grene watz ere;
Ženne al rypez and rotez žat ros vpon fyrst,
And žus 3irnez že 3ere in 3isterdayez mony,
And wynter wyndez a3ayn, as že worlde askez, no fage,
Til Me3elmas mone
Wat3 cumen wyth wynter wage;
Žen ženkkez Gawan ful sone
Of his anious uyage.

3et quyl Al-hal-day with Aržer he lenges;
And he made a fare on žat fest for že frekez sake,
With much reuel and ryche of že Rounde Table.
Kny3tez ful cortays and comlych ladies
Al for luf of žat lede in longynge žay were,
Bot neuer že lece ne že later žay neuened bot merže:
Mony ioylez for žat ientyle iapez žer maden.
For aftter mete with mournyng he melez to his eme,
And spekez of his passage, and pertly he sayde,
'Now, lege lorde of my lyf, leue I yow ask;
3e knowe že cost of žis cace, kepe I no more
To telle yow tenez žerof neuer bot trifel;
Bot I am boun to že bur barely to-morne
To sech že gome of že grene, as God wyl me wysse.'
Ženne že best of že bur3 bo3ed togeder,
Aywan, and Errik, and ožer ful mony,

Sir Doddinaual de Sauage, že duk of Clarence,
Launcelot, and Lyonel, and Lucan že gode,
Sir Boos, and Sir Byduer, big men bože,
And mony ožer menskful, with Mador de la Port.
Alle žis compayny of court com že kyng nerre
For to counseyl že kny3t, with care at her hert.
Žere watz much derue doel driuen in že sale
Žat so woržé as Wawan schulde wende on žat ernde,
To dry3e a delful dynt, and dele no more wyth bronde.
Že kny3t mad ay god chere,
And sayde, 'Quat schuld I wonde?
Of destinés derf and dere
What may mon do bot fonde?'

He dowellez žer al žat day, and dressez on že morn,
Askez erly hys armez, and alle were žay bro3t.
Fyrst a tulé tapit ty3t ouer že flet,
And miche watz že gyld gere žat glent žeralofte;
Že stif mon steppez žeron, and že stel hondelez,
Dubbed in a dublet of a dere tars,
And syžen a crafty capados, closed aloft,
Žat wyth a bry3t blaunner was bounden withinne.
Ženne set žay že sabatounz vpon že segge fotez,
His legez lapped in stel with luflych greuez,
With polaynez piched žerto, policed ful clene,
Aboute his knez knaged wyth knotez of golde;
Queme quyssewes žen, žat coyntlych closed
His thik žrawen žy3ez, with žwonges to tachched;
And syžen že brawden bryné of bry3t stel ryngez
Vmbeweued žat wy3 vpon wlonk stuffe,
And wel bornyst brace vpon his bože armes,
With gode cowters and gay, and glouez of plate,
And alle že godlych gere žat hym gayn schulde žat tyde;
Wyth ryche cote-armure,
His gold sporez spend with pryde,
Gurde wyth a bront ful sure
With silk sayn vmbe his syde.

When he watz hasped in armes, his harnays watz ryche:
Že lest lachet ouer loupe lemed of golde.
So harnayst as he watz he herknez his masse,
Offred and honoured at že he3e auter.
Syžen he comez to že kyng and to his cort-ferez,
Lachez lufly his leue at lordez and ladyez;
And žay hym kyst and conueyed, bikende hym to Kryst.
Bi žat watz Gryngolet grayth, and gurde with a sadel
Žat glemed ful gayly with mony golde frenges,
Ayquere naylet ful nwe, for žat note ryched;
Že brydel barred aboute, with bry3t golde bounden;
Že apparayl of že payttrure and of že proude skyrtez,
Že cropore and že couertor, acorded wyth že arsounez;
And al watz rayled on red ryche golde naylez,
Žat al glytered and glent as glem of že sunne.
Ženne hentes he že helme, and hastily hit kysses,
Žat watz stapled stifly, and stoffed wythinne.
Hit watz hy3e on his hede, hasped bihynde,
Wyth a ly3tly vrysoun ouer že auentayle,
Enbrawden and bounden wyth že best gemmez
On brode sylkyn borde, and bryddez on semez,
As papiayez paynted peruyng bitwene,
Tortors and trulofez entayled so žyk
As mony burde žeraboute had ben seuen wynter in toune.
Že cercle watz more o prys
Žat vmbeclypped hys croun,
Of diamauntez a deuys
Žat bože were bry3t and broun.

THEN žay schewed hym že schelde, žat was of schyr goulez
Wyth že pentangel depaynt of pure golde hwez.
He braydez hit by že bauderyk, aboute že hals kestes,
Žat bisemed že segge semlyly fayre.
And quy že pentangel apendez to žat prynce noble
I am in tent yow to telle, žof tary hyt me schulde:
Hit is a syngne žat Salamon set sumquyle
In bytoknyng of trawže, bi tytle žat hit habbez,
For hit is a figure žat haldez fyue poyntez,
And vche lyne vmbelappez and loukez in ožer,
And ayquere hit is endelez; and Englych hit callen
Oueral, as I here, že endeles knot.
Foržy hit acordez to žis kny3t and to his cler armez,
For ay faythful in fyue and sere fyue syžez
Gawan watz for gode knawen, and as golde pured,
Voyded of vche vylany, wyth vertuez ennourned in mote;
Foržy že pentangel nwe
He ber in schelde and cote,
As tulk of tale most trwe
And gentylest kny3t of lote.

Fyrst he watz funden fautlez in his fyue wyttez,
And efte fayled neuer že freke in his fyue fyngres,
And alle his afyaunce vpon folde watz in že fyue woundez
Žat Cryst ka3t on že croys, as že crede tellez;
And quere-so-euer žys mon in melly watz stad,
His žro žo3t watz in žat, žur3 alle ožer žyngez,
Žat alle his forsnes he feng at že fyue joyez
Žat že hende heuen-quene had of hir chylde;
At žis cause že kny3t comlyche hade
In že inore half of his schelde hir ymage depaynted,
Žat quen he blusched žerto his belde neuer payred.
Že fyft fyue žat I finde žat že frek vsed
Watz fraunchyse and fela3schyp forbe al žyng,
His clannes and his cortaysye croked were neuer,
And pité, žat passez alle poyntez, žyse pure fyue
Were harder happed on žat hažel žen on any ožer.
Now alle žese fyue syžez, for sože, were fetled on žis kny3t,
And vchone halched in ožer, žat non ende hade,
And fyched vpon fyue poyntez, žat fayld neuer,
Ne samned neuer in no syde, ne sundred noužer,
Withouten ende at any noke I oquere fynde,
Whereeuer že gomen bygan, or glod to an ende.
Žerfore on his schene schelde schapen watz že knot
Ryally wyth red golde vpon rede gowlez,
Žat is že pure pentaungel wyth že peple called with lore.
Now grayžed is Gawan gay,
And la3t his launce ry3t žore,
And gef hem alle goud day,
He wende for euermore.

He sperred že sted with že spurez and sprong on his way,
So stif žat že ston-fyr stroke out žerafter.
Al žat se3 žat semly syked in hert,
And sayde sožly al same segges til ožer,
Carande for žat comly: 'Bi Kryst, hit is scaže
Žat žou, leude, schal be lost, žat art of lyf noble!
To fynde hys fere vpon folde, in fayth, is not eže.
Warloker to haf wro3t had more wyt bene,
And haf dy3t 3onder dere a duk to haue woržed;
A lowande leder of ledez in londe hym wel semez,
And so had better haf ben žen britned to no3t,
Hadet wyth an aluisch mon, for angardez pryde.
Who knew euer any kyng such counsel to take
As kny3tez in cauelaciounz on Crystmasse gomnez!'
Wel much watz že warme water žat waltered of y3en,
When žat semly syre so3t fro žo wonez žad daye.
He made non abode,
Bot wy3tly went hys way;
Mony wylsum way he rode,
Že bok as I herde say.

Now ridez žis renk žur3 že ryalme of Logres,
Sir Gauan, on Godez halue, ža3 hym no gomen žo3t.
Oft leudlez alone he lengez on ny3tez
Žer he fonde no3t hym byfore že fare žat he lyked.
Hade he no fere bot his fole bi frythez and dounez,
Ne no gome bot God bi gate wyth to karp,
Til žat he ne3ed ful neghe into že Norže Walez.
Alle že iles of Anglesay on lyft half he haldez,
And farez ouer že fordez by že forlondez,
Ouer at že Holy Hede, til he hade eft bonk
In že wyldrenesse of Wyrale; wonde žer bot lyte
Žat aužer God ožer gome wyth goud hert louied.
And ay he frayned, as he ferde, at frekez žat he met,
If žay hade herde any karp of a kny3t grene,
In any grounde žeraboute, of že grene chapel;
And al nykked hym wyth nay, žat neuer in her lyue
Žay se3e neuer no segge žat watz of suche hwez of grene.
Že kny3t tok gates straunge
In mony a bonk vnbene,
His cher ful oft con chaunge
Žat chapel er he my3t sene.
Mony klyf he ouerclambe in contrayez straunge,
Fer floten fro his frendez fremedly he rydez.
At vche warže ožer water žer že wy3e passed
He fonde a foo hym byfore, bot ferly hit were,
And žat so foule and so felle žat fe3t hym byhode.
So mony meruayl bi mount žer že mon fyndez,
Hit were to tore for to telle of že tenže dole.
Sumwhyle wyth wormez he werrez, and with wolues als,
Sumwhyle wyth wodwos, žat woned in že knarrez,
Bože wyth bullez and berez, and borez ožerquyle,
And etaynez, žat hym anelede of že he3e felle;
Nade he ben du3ty and dry3e, and Dry3tyn had serued,
Douteles he hade ben ded and dreped ful ofte.
For werre wrathed hym not so much žat wynter nas wors,
When že colde cler water fro že cloudez schadde,
And fres er hit falle my3t to že fale erže;
Ner slayn wyth že slete he sleped in his yrnes
Mo ny3tez žen innoghe in naked rokkez,
Žer as claterande fro že crest že colde borne rennez,
And henged he3e ouer his hede in hard iisse-ikkles.
Žus in peryl and payne and plytes ful harde
Bi contray cayrez žis kny3t, tyl Krystmasse euen, al one;
Že kny3t wel žat tyde
To Mary made his mone,
Žat ho hym red to ryde
And wysse hym to sum wone.

Bi a mounte on že morne meryly he rydes
Into a forest ful dep, žat ferly watz wylde,
Hi3e hillez on vche a halue, and holtwodez vnder
Of hore okez ful hoge a hundreth togeder;
Že hasel and že ha3žorne were harled al samen,
With ro3e raged mosse rayled aywhere,
With mony bryddez vnblyže vpon bare twyges,
Žat pitosly žer piped for pyne of že colde.
Že gome vpon Gryngolet glydez hem vnder,
Žur3 mony misy and myre, mon al hym one,
Carande for his costes, lest he ne keuer schulde
To se že seruyse of žat syre, žat on žat self ny3t
Of a burde watz borne oure baret to quelle;
And žerfore sykyng he sayde, 'I beseche že, lorde,
And Mary, žat is myldest moder so dere,
Of sum herber žer he3ly I my3t here masse,
Ande žy matynez to-morne, mekely I ask,
And žerto prestly I pray my pater and aue and crede.'
He rode in his prayere,
And cryed for his mysdede,
He sayned hym in syžes sere,
And sayde 'Cros Kryst me spede!'

NADE he sayned hymself, segge, bot žrye,
Er he watz war in že wod of a won in a mote,
Abof a launde, on a lawe, loken vnder bo3ez
Of mony borelych bole aboute bi že diches:
A castel že comlokest žat euer kny3t a3te,
Pyched on a prayere, a park al aboute,
With a pyked palays pyned ful žik,
Žat vmbete3e mony tre mo žen two myle.
Žat holde on žat on syde že hažel auysed,
As hit schemered and schon žur3 že schyre okez;
Ženne hatz he hendly of his helme, and he3ly he žonkez
Jesus and sayn Gilyan, žat gentyle ar bože,
Žat cortaysly had hym kydde, and his cry herkened.
'Now bone hostel,' cože že burne, 'I beseche yow 3ette!'
Ženne gerdez he to Gryngolet with že gilt helez,
And he ful chauncely hatz chosen to že chef gate,
Žat bro3t bremly že burne to že bryge ende in haste.
Že bryge watz breme vpbrayde,
Že 3atez wer stoken faste,
Že wallez were wel arayed,
Hit dut no wyndez blaste.

Že burne bode on blonk, žat on bonk houed
Of že depe double dich žat drof to že place;
Že walle wod in že water wonderly depe,
Ande eft a ful huge he3t hit haled vpon lofte
Of harde hewen ston vp to že tablez,
Enbaned vnder že abataylment in že best lawe;
And syžen garytez ful gaye gered bitwene,
Wyth mony luflych loupe žat louked ful clene:
A better barbican žat burne blusched vpon neuer.
And innermore he behelde žat halle ful hy3e,
Towres telded bytwene, trochet ful žik,
Fayre fylyolez žat fy3ed, and ferlyly long,
With coruon coprounes craftyly sle3e.
Chalkwhyt chymnees žer ches he inno3e
Vpon bastel rouez, žat blenked ful quyte;
So mony pynakle payntet watz poudred ayquere,
Among že castel carnelez clambred so žik,
Žat pared out of papure purely hit semed.
Že fre freke on že fole hit fayr innoghe žo3t,
If he my3t keuer to com že cloyster wythinne,
To herber in žat hostel whyl halyday lested, auinant.
He calde, and sone žer com
A porter pure plesaunt,
On že wal his ernd he nome,
And haylsed že kny3t erraunt.

'Gode sir,' quož Gawan, 'woldez žou go myn ernde
To že he3 lorde of žis hous, herber to craue?'
'3e, Peter,' quož že porter, 'and purely I trowee
Žat 3e be, wy3e, welcum to won quyle yow lykez.'
Žen 3ede že wy3e 3erne and com a3ayn swyže,
And folke frely hym wyth, to fonge že kny3t.
Žay let doun že grete dra3t and derely out 3eden,
And kneled doun on her knes vpon že colde erže
To welcum žis ilk wy3 as woržy hom žo3t;
Žay 3olden hym že brode 3ate, 3arked vp wyde,
And he hem raysed rekenly, and rod ouer že brygge.
Sere seggez hym sesed by sadel, quel he ly3t,
And syžen stabeled his stede stif men inno3e.
Kny3tez and swyerez comen doun ženne
For to bryng žis buurne wyth blys into halle;
Quen he hef vp his helme, žer hi3ed innoghe
For to hent hit at his honde, že hende to seruen;
His bronde and his blasoun bože žay token.
Žen haylsed he ful hendly žo haželez vchone,
And mony proud mon žer presed žat prynce to honour.
Alle hasped in his he3 wede to halle žay hym wonnen,
Žer fayre fyre vpon flet fersly brenned.
Ženne že lorde of že lede loutez fro his chambre
For to mete wyth menske že mon on že flor;
He sayde, '3e ar welcum to welde as yow lykez
Žat here is; al is yowre awen, to haue at yowre wylle and welde.'
'Graunt mercy,' quož Gawayn,
'Žer Kryst hit yow for3elde.'
As frekez žat semed fayn
Ayžer ožer in armez con felde.
Gawayn gly3t on že gome žat godly hym gret,
And žu3t hit a bolde burne žat že bur3 a3te,
A hoge hažel for že nonez, and of hyghe eldee;
Brode, bry3t, watz his berde, and al beuer-hwed,
Sturne, stif on že stryžže on stalworth schonkez,
Felle face as že fyre, and fre of hys speche;
And wel hym semed, for sože, as že segge žu3t,
To lede a lortschyp in lee of leudez ful gode.

Že lorde hym charred to a chambre, and chefly cumaundez
To delyuer hym a leude, hym lo3ly to serue;
And žere were boun at his bode burnez inno3e,
Žat bro3t hym to a bry3t boure, žer beddyng watz noble,
Of cortynes of clene sylk wyth cler golde hemmez,
And couertorez ful curious with comlych panez
Of bry3t blaunner aboue, enbrawded bisydez,
Rudelez rennande on ropez, red golde ryngez,
Tapitez ty3t to že wo3e of tuly and tars,
And vnder fete, on že flet, of fol3ande sute.
Žer he watz dispoyled, wyth spechez of myerže,
Že burn of his bruny and of his bry3t wedez.
Ryche robes ful rad renkkez hym bro3ten,
For to charge, and to chaunge, and chose of že best.
Sone as he on hent, and happed žerinne,
Žat sete on hym semly wyth saylande skyrtez,
Že ver by his uisage verayly hit semed
Welne3 to vche hažel, alle on hwes
Lowande and lufly alle his lymmez vnder,
Žat a comloker kny3t neuer Kryst made hem žo3t.
Whežen in worlde he were,
Hit semed as he mo3t
Be prynce withouten pere
In felde žer felle men fo3t.