Arthurian Name Dictionary

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The table below offers a handy lookup of alternate spellings and translations for names that appear in The Arthurian Name Dictionary. Only alternate spellings that differ from the actual spelling within the first four letters are included. After the table, I offer some letter replacement suggestions in case you’re still stuck.

I’ll include this alternate spelling list in the paperback version of The Arthurian Name Dictionary if Garland decides to print one.


Christopher W. Bruce

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Aalardin Alardin
Aaron Naron
Abaradan Baradam
Abelin Abelleus
Ablechin Beleis the Blond
Acabalon Escavalon
Achinour Ascamore
Acil Aschi
Acon Aces
Adaind Adam the Fair
Adanc Afanc
Adayn Adam the Fair
Addaon Afaon
Adoart Edward
Adragenis Adragain the Brown
Adrawns Ardan
Adreitee Andred
Adrian Drian
Adrian Hadrian
Adriecche Andred
Adroenus Aldroen
Aedlin Eddelein
Aegelsthrep Aegelesthrep
Aelecti Elledi
Aella Aelle
Aescil Aschil
Afallach Avalon
Agavez Gaheris
Agglovale Aglovale
Aggravain Agravain
Agitius Aetius
Aglin Aiglin of the Vales
Aglu Aiglin of the Vales
Agraueins Adragain the Brown
Agravale Aglovale
Agreuein Agravain
Agristes Argistes
Agrocol Agricol
Aguarus Agaran
Aguiflet Angusel
Aguigenor Guigenor
Aguigneron Anguiguerron
Aguillars Angusel
Aguinier Guinier
Aguisans Angusel
Aguisant Anguish
Aguisant Angusel
Aguisel Angusel
Aguissans Angusel
Aguizans Angusel
Agyana Igerne
Aharies Gaheris
Aisurne Arsonne
Aklud Alclud
Alaban Galabes
Aladanc Melaldon
Alan Alain the Large
Albans Saint Albans
Alben Albanact
Albon Saint Albans
Albyon Albion
Aldadus Eldad
Aldolf Eldol
Aldret Andred
Alebruno Andred
Aledon Caledon
Alein Alain the Large
Alelme Anthemes
Alers Alier
Ales Alier
Aleyn Alain the Large
Aleys Alice
Alfasein Alphasan
Algal Arthgal
Algis Hengist
Aliduc Aladuke
Alipanton Alifatima
Aliphatim Alifatima
Aliphatma Alifatima
Alisandre Alexander the Orphan
Allers Alier
Alles Ales
Alles Alier
Almesbury Amesbury
Alon Ales
Alongines Evalachin
Aloth Lot
Alphazar Arphasar the Unknown
Altice Autice
Alundyne Laudine
Alvrez Alfred
Alyduke Aladuke
Amador Mador
Amant Amatin the Good Jouster
Amaugon Amangon
Ambage Amyganye
Ambenic Cambenic
Ambresbury Amesbury
Amhar Amr
Ammaduc Aminaduc
Amoroldo Morholt
Amorotto Lamorat
Amurat Morholt
Amylion Amilion
Amylyon Amilion
Anacoron Anascor
Analida Laudine
Anavalt Anaraut
Anayne Evaine
Ancalot Lancelot
Ancalus Collocaulas
Andalas Audolus
Andernantes Darnantes
Androete Andrivete
Anferre Averre
Anfole Annore
Angel Angusel
Angeoy Anjou
Angers Anjou
Angins Anguish
Angis Hengist
Anguisel Angusel
Anguisshe Anguish
Anguys Hengist
Angvisaunt Angusel
Angwisiez Angusel
Angwisshe Angusel
Angys Hengist
Anir Amr
Anlawdd Amlawdd
Anllawdd Amlawdd
Anne Anna
Anschowe Anjou
Anselian Asalim the Poor
Ansirus Rancier the Pilgrm
Anslem Anthemes
Anteaumes Anthemes
Antebourc Haudebourc
Antemes Anthemes
Anticoni Antikonie
Antret Andred
Anyause Amant
Anynnawg Annynawg
Apies Papo
Apolon Apulia
Appas Eopa
Aquilea Acquileia
Aquinparcorentin Quimper-Corentin
Araby Aravius
Aragan Agaran
Arbanie Albany
Archyl Aschil
Arduano Armant
Arec Ares
Arecco Erec
Arech Erec
Arel Ares
Arels Ares
Aremathie Arimathea
Aresbeth Arebech
Aret Ares
Areth Ares
Aretha Ares
Arfasan Alphasan
Argas Arnal the Handsome
Argus Argons
Arguys Argons
Arides Caridés
Aries Ares
Armant Amant
Armenie Parmenie
Arnalf Anaraut
Arnantes Darnantes
Arnauld Ernol
Arnault Ernol
Aroaise Arroux
Arondel Arundel
Arrage Orcage
Arragon Aragon
Arrake Erec
Arrok Erec
Arroy Aroie
Arrtor Arthur
Arsie Arise
Artijus Arthur
Artor Arthur
Artoret Arthur
Artour Arthur
Artouret Arthur
Artourys Arthur
Artouzos Arthur
Artui Arthur
Artur Arthur
Artusin Arthur
Artuurs Arthur
Artuxe Arthur
Artuz Arthur
Arundeis Arundel
Arymathye Arimathea
Arystaunse Aristant
Ascalon Ascalun
Ascalun Esclados
Ascamoure Ascamore
Ascolot Escalot
Askalot Escalot
Askanere Ascamore
Askanore Ascamore
Askil Aschil
Astlabor Esclabor
Astolat Escalot
Astor Hector
Astore Hector
Ates Aces
Athyr Arthur
Atramant Arramant the Fat
Atramont Aramont
Auberon Oberon
Aucales Alcalec the Red
Audret Andred
Auelon Avalon
Augusale Agusale
Auguselus Angusel
Aumagwin Amauguin the Red
Aumsbury Amesbury
Aungel Angusel
Aungers Angusel
Aurelius Ambrosius Ambrosius Aurelianus
Aurilambros Ambrosius Aurelianus
Aurlis Brosias Ambrosius Aurelianus
Ausile Abilas
Ausurne Assurne
Auter Autler
Autragais Antoagais
Avaron Avalon
Aveloun Avalon
Avilion Avalon
Aylesford Episford
Aylies Alice
Baddon Badon
Bademagu Bagdemagus
Baden Badon
Bagommedes Bagdemagus
Baitrames Baufumes
Balaain Balin
Balaan Balin
Baldac Baghdad
Baldake Baghdad
Baldemagu Bagdemagus
Balien Baldulph
Balinant Belinant
Bandemagu Bagdemagus
Banderous Brandes
Bandes Baghdad
Bando Ban
Bando de Magus Bagdemagus
Bando di Mago Bagdemagus
Bane Ban
Banes Ban
Bangdemagew Bagdemagus
Bannier Banier
Bano Ban
Bano of Magoc Bagdemagus
Bans Ban
Bantrines Baufumes
Barant Heraut
Bardiga Brandigan
Bardogabran Hargadabran
Barendown Barham Down
Bareon Downe Barham Down
Baridan Baradam
Barking Beast Questing Beast
Barlonaym Barvelain
Baudac Baghdad
Baudemagu Bagdemagus
Baudewins Baldwin
Baudewyn Baldwin
Bawdewin Baldwin
Bawdewyne Baldwin
Bawdwin Baldwin
Bayses Blaise
Bearn Béearn
Beast Glotisant Questing Beast
Beatus Beacurs
Beauce Bayeux
Beau-fyz Bewfys
Bed of Marvels Perilous Bed
Bedevere Bedivere
Bedewere Bedivere
Bedingan Bedegraine
Bedingham Bedegraine
Bedingram Bedegraine
Bedingran Bedegraine
Bedinham Bedegraine
Bedios Bedivere
Bedoer Bedivere
Bedoier Bedivere
Bedouer Bedivere
Bedrawc Pedrawd
Beduer Bedivere
Bedueres Bedivere
Beduiers Bedivere
Bedvere Bedivere
Bedwar Bedivere
Bedwer Bedivere
Bedwere Bedivere
Bedwyr Bedivere
Bedyvere Bedivere
Bel Inconnu Fair Unknown
Belchardis Blehartis
Beliche Beleis the Blond
Belinan Celinant
Belinans Elinan
Bellangre Berengier
Belle Valet Belvaliot
Bellicent Belisent
Bellices Belide
Bellin Belinus
Bellinus Belinus
Belnain Beauvoisin of Ile Fort
Belrapiere Beaurepaire
Belrepeire Beaurepaire
Beltes Beauté
Beltez Beauté
Benewic Benoic
Benigne Blevine
Benuic Benoic
Benwick Benoic
Beof Boso
Berbana Barbary
Berbes Hebes
Berell Borel
Beremachie Arimathea
Beremathie Arimathea
Bereuse Breus the Pitiless
Berille Borel
Berlet Berluse
Bertel Brithael
Bertelai Berluse
Bertil Brithael
Bertilak Bercilak
Beste Glatissant Questing Beast
Betike Betica
Bialtes Beauté
Biates Beauté
Biau Desconneu Fair Unknown
Biaurepaire Beaurepaire
Biausdous Beaudous
Biautei Beauté
Biautes Beauté
Biautez Beauté
Biducus Budec
Bilaces Bylas
Bilas Bylas
Bilei Bilis
Bizarre Beast Questing Beast
Blaaris Blaharis
Blaaris Blaris
Bladulf Baldulph
Blancemorne Branguemore
Blanchard Blaunchard
Blaske Vlask
Blasque Vlask
Blays Blaise
Blayses Blaise
Bleherris Blaris
Bleriz Bleoberis
Blerois Bleoberis
Bleyse Blaise
Bliares Blaris
Bliobleherin Bleoberis
Bliobleris Bleoberis
Blios Blias
Blossoming Valley Blooming Valley
Bloy Blois
Bloyse Blois
Blyas Blias
Boclonius Bloccovius
Boclovius Bloccovius
Boclus Boccus
Bocus Boccus
Bodwine Baldwin
Boffoi Bofois
Bohors Bors
Bohort Borre
Bohort Bors
Bohortes Bors
Boidurant Raindurant
Bois Boso
Bokke Boccus
Boon Bron
Boors Bors
Boort Bors
Boours Bors
Booz Boso
Bordo Bors
Bordogabron Hargadabran
Borgoine Burgundy
Bort Bors
Borz Bors
Bos Boso
Boudin Bodwyne
Boufois Bofois
Bours Bors
Braginja Brangain
Braidon Brandon
Brainons Bravain
Bralant Branlant
Bramanzia Arimathea
Brandain Brendan
Brandegue Bramangue
Brandymagus Bagdemagus
Branegue Bramangue
Brannague Bramangue
Brans de Lis Brandelis
Brasdelis Brandelis
Brastias Brithael
Brecheliande Broceliande
Bredigan Bedegraine
Brehus Breus the Pitiless
Brekenho Bedegraine
Brekingho Bedegraine
Brelant Branlant
Bremachie Arimathea
Bremathie Arimathea
Bremin Brennius
Brengain Brangain
Brengvien Brangain
Brengwain Brangain
Brenlant Branlant
Breoberiis Bleoberis
Brequeham Breckham
Bretaigne Brittany
Bretaingne Britain
Bretan Brittany
Bretel Borel
Bretel Brithael
Bretelai Bertelay
Bretelot Borel
Breteyn Brittany
Bretland Brittany
Breunor Brunor
Breziljan Briziljan
Brian Bliant
Brian Drian
Briant Drian
Bricel Brithael
Bricot Brithael
Brien Brian
Bringven Brangain
Bringvet Brangain
Bringwain Brangain
Briobris Bleoberis
Brito Bruto
Britto Brutus
Brom Bron
Bromel la Pleche Brinol of the Hedged Manor
Brumyng Bronnil
Brun sans pitie Breus the Pitiless
Brus of Bralant Brun of Branlant
Bryaunt Bliant
Bryaunt Briant of North Wales
Budicius Budec
Budiz Budec
Bwrt Bors
Bytwini Bidwini
Cabalon Escavalon
Cadas Claudas
Cadeain Cardroain
Cado Cadwy
Cadoalant Cadiolant
Cadoalens Cadiolant
Cadowain Cadwain
Cadrovain Cardroain
Cadual Cadwal
Cadual Cadwallo
Cadwr Cador
Caer Loyw Gloucester
Caerdin Kahedins
Caerdyf Cardiff
Cafall Caball
Caherihes Gaheris
Cai Kay
Caiam Caen
Caie Kay
Caiphas Caiaphas
Caistor Chester
Caius Kay
Calafer Galafré
Calcedor Charquedon
Caleise Celibe
Caliborne Excalibur
Caliburn Excalibur
Calidoine Caledon
Calinan Galinan
Calliano Gawain
Callides Tallides
Caltbiaus Alibel
Calvano Gawain
Calydon Caledon
Camaheu Carhaix
Camalahot Camelot
Camalat Camelot
Camallate Camelot
Camalot Camelot
Cambala Camlann
Camball Camlann
Camblan Camlann
Cambula Camlann
Came Caen
Camedyus Clamadeu
Camel Camlann
Camelford Camlann
Cameliard Carmelide
Camelide Carmelide
Camille Gamille
Camilot Camelot
Camilyard Carmelide
Campacorentin Quimper-Corentin
Camugnes Camengues
Canbernic Cambenic
Candebenet Cambenic
Canile Gamille
Canlang Caelenc
Capados Cappadocia
Capalu Cath Palug
Car Kaz of Gomeret
Caradigan Cardigan
Carahaix Carhaix
Carahan Carhaix
Carahes Carhaix
Carahes Gareth
Caraheu Carhaix
Cararentis Cabarentin
Carbonek Corbenic
Cardelmans Tradelmant
Careheuls Caraés
Carguiet Warwick
Cariado Mariadoc
Caridoel Cardueil
Carlion Caerleon
Carlo Magno Charlemagne
Carlyon Caerleon
Carmile Gamille
Carniz Garras of Cork
Carodac Caradoc
Carodas Caradoc
Carodoc Caradoc
Carohaise Carhaix
Carous Quintus Carucius
Carrado Caradoc
Carrius Quintus Carucius
Carsalas Garsallas
Carteloyse Carcelois
Cartolius Carcelois
Cassibilans Casibilant
Categren Catigern
Catellus Vulteius Vulteus Catellus
Catelos Vulteus Catellus
Catenois Vulteus Catellus
Cateyrn Catigern
Catheloys Carcelois
Cato Cadwy
Caudas Claudas
Caulas Taulat
Cavall Caball
Cavalon Escavalon
Cay Kay
Caydryeith Cadrieth
Cayphas Caiaphas
Cayrlyon Caerleon
Cei Kay
Ceilus Cheneus
Celas Arcelas
Celidon Caledon
Celyddon Caledon
Celys Celis
Cenric Cynric
Chadians Cadant
Chaedino Kahedins
Chaifas Caiaphas
Chalvano Gawain
Chanaam Canaan
Chanaan Canaan
Channing Tannings
Chapalu Cath Palug
Charahes Gareth
Charehes Gareth
Charheries Gareth
Chartelos Carcelois
Charyot Cart Castle
Chastel Anchien Ancient Castle
Chayphas Caiaphas
Che Kay
Chedino Kahedins
Cheix Kay
Chestelayne Chastelain
Cheudo Kay
Chieso Kay
Childrik Cheldric
Chinmark Kimmarcoch
Cilhwch Culhwch
Cilodormes Celidoine
Cimin Cof Cunyn Cof
Cinbelin Kimbelin
Cité Amoureuse Amorous City
Claire Clarie
Clamacides Climachides
Clarysyn Crasine
Cleades Cliacles
Clefaut Clofaut
Clewdas Claudas
Clices Cliges
Clies Cliges
Climades Elinadas
Cloard Doward
Cloardicus Doward
Clochides Eloides
Clyges Cliges
Codo Clodoveus
Codrovain Cardroain
Coi Kay
Coitt Coil
Colgrevance Calogrenant
Colice Celice
Colidoines Celidoine
Collybe Celibe
Colman Gillomaur
Colocaulnus Collocaulas
Conrat Corrant
Coranges Caranges
Corbans Corbon
Cordrovain Cardroain
Corentes Caranges
Corlenot Corbenic
Corque Cork
Cort Tor
Cortenans Ortenax
Cosa Eosa
Costaunce Constantine
Costentinoeble Constantinople
Cotovatre Cotatre
Coudel Crudel
Couranges Caranges
Courcechouse Coreuseus
Couroucese Coreuseus
Cradawg Caradawg
Craddocke Caradoc
Cradlemont Tradelmant
Cradoc Caradoc
Cramile Gamille
Creoreas Greoreas
Cristofer Christopher
Cristofles Christopher
Cudgel-Head Pen Palach
Cuiret Guivret
Cunungeberg Conisbrough
Curfalain Cursalem
Curvenal Governal
Custenhin Constantine
Cylyddon Caledon
Cynfawr Cunomorus
Cyrenhyr Cerenhyr
Dabutius Dinabutius
Dagarius Dragan
Dagenet Daguenet
Dagonet Daguenet
Dalfindede Dauphine
Dalis Delice
Damadas Damatal
Damalot Camelot
Danbleys Aneblayse
Danebleise Aneblayse
Daneborc Tenebroc
Danemarche Denmark
Danguenes Daguenet
Danmark Denmark
Darrilas Dorilas
Darubre Danubre the Brave
Darvances Darnantes
Dedinet Dodinel
Denebleise Aneblayse
Denewold Dunwallo
Deon Do
Derane Aravius
Dereuent Darenth
Deriard Candenart
Derquin Dorchin
Derwent Darenth
Desert Waste Land
Deserted Land Waste Land
Destraus Estral
Deu Do
Develin Delvelin
Devlites Dialetes
Dewrarth Deorthach
Dianazarun Dinasdaron
Didoine Dodinel
Didones Dodinel
Dieu Do
Dimetia Demetia
Dinodes Dodinel
Dionas Dyonas
Disnadaron Dinasdaron
Divdan Dinadan
Dodynas Dodinel
Does Do
Dolecestre Colchester
Dolmad Doldavius
Domas Damas
Domas Pollidamas
Dondanix Dodinel
Dondijel Dodinel
Dondinax Dodinel
Dondinel Dodinel
Dondinello Dodinel
Dondonello Dodinel
Doon Do
Dorath Deorthach
Dorchester Dorset
Dorell Borel
Dorens Dorin
Dorkaine Orkney
Dornantes Darnantes
Dornar Drian
Doryan Drian
Douglas Dubglas
Douvre Dover
Dovre Dover
Drian Diana Bridge
Drien Diana Bridge
Droac Doward
Drukins Drulios of the Hamlet
Drust Tristan
Drustanus Tristan
Drystan Tristan
Dubricius Budec
Due Do
Duglas Dubglas
Dunarth Dyfynarth
Dun-Issout Issoudun
Dunwale Donaut
Durnor Drian
Duvelline Dublin
Dyanne Diana
Dynabrok Dinabuc
Dynabus Dinabuc
Dynadan Dinadan
Dynas Dinas
Dyonz Dion
Dyrnwch Diwrnach
Earl de la Planche Count of the Plank
Earl de Pase Count of the Pass
Earl de Playns Count of the Plains
Earl de Vale Count of the Valley
Eastsex Essex
Ebes Hebes
Ebilis Bilis
Ebissa Eosa
Ebron Bron
Echil Aschil
Ector Hector
Edern Yder
Edof Eldol
Edyrn Yder
Effuen Evrain
Efrawg Eliffer
Efront Eliffer
Egbert Egbricht
Egglane Heglan
Egrefayn Agravain
Egrivaunt Degrevant
Egyte Egypt
Eidoel Eiddoel
Eigyr Igerne
Eisc Eosa
Ekupedes Incubus
Eladur Eliffer
Elaine Alain the White
Elaine Helen
Elayne Alain the White
Elayne Elaine
Elays Elaf
Electi Elledi
Elena Helen
Elene Helen
Elene Helie
Eleyne Helen
Eliabel Elyabel
Eliabella Elyabel
Elias Alain the White
Elias Alain the White
Elias Helias
Elias Helie
Elidur Eliffer
Elie Helie
Elinot Ilinot
Eliobela Elyabel
Elionois Lyonesse
Elis Ellit
Eliteus Eliedus
Elizabeth Elyabel
Elmaye Elam
Elsie Elsam
Eluned Lunete
Elyas Helians
Elyazar Eliezier
Elyezer Eliezier
Elyot Heliot
Elyzabel Elibel
Embres Ambrosius Aurelianus
Emelyant Hemelian
Emreis Ambrosius Aurelianus
Emrys Ambrosius Aurelianus
Emyr Emhyr
Engelonde England
Engist Hengist
Englewood Inglewood
Englias Helias
Englovale Aglovale
Engredan Iguedon
Engrevain Agravain
Enigeus Enygeus
Enite Enide
Ennigeus Enygeus
Enrhydreg Enrydreg
Entor Antor
Enyseus Enygeus
Epinogres Espinogrés
Epsford Episford
Epynogrys Espinogrés
Eres Erec
Erex Erec
Eric Erec
Erir Eryri
Erlandi Ireland
Ermenia Parmenie
Ermonie Parmenie
Ermonye Armenia
Errake Erec
Ertanax Ortenax
Ertayne Hyrcania
Erveus Ernol
Esbarantin Cabarentin
Escades Acadoes
Escalabor Excalibur
Escalibore Esclabor
Escamour Ascamore
Escanor Ascamore
Eschaliborc Excalibur
Eschavalon Escavalon
Esclabor Excalibur
Escol Esscol
Escombes Combe
Eseut Isolde
Eslis Ellit
Esordes Issoudun
Espaingne Spain
Esqwyris Esquyris
Essent Issout
Ession Echion
Essyltt Isolde
Estalibore Excalibur
Estanc Alain Alain’s Pond
Estas Escant
Estorause Escorant
Estore Hector
Estorz Tor
Estregales Destrigales
Estriche Austria
Estuary of the Two Swords Aber Deu Cleddyf
Estult Estout
Ethion Echion
Ethyope Ethiopia
Euerad Anaraut
Euerwyck York
Eustas Escant
Evayn Yvain
Evein Yvain
Evelake Evalach
Eventus Yvain
Everwic York
Evida Enide
Evrains Yvain
Evrawg Eliffer
Evrevic York
Evroic York
Evruich York
Ewain Yvain
Ewan Yvain
Ewander Evander
Ewayne Yvain
Ewein Yvain
Ewen Yvain
Ewin Yvain
Ewrevic York
Eymere Aymere
Eymur Aymere
Famorgan Feimurgan
Fansaron Falsaron
Far Isles Distant Isles
Farien Pharien
Faunel Favel
Feimurgan Morgan le Fay
Feldenak Feltemour
Felissi Felix
Fergulaht Vergulaht
Ferican Frenicas
Fernicans Frenicas
Ferramonte Faramon
Ferrand Feraunt
Filicie Felix
Finbeus Fimbeus
Flaundreus Flandrin
Flaundrin Flandrin
Flaundrys Flanders
Fleudur Flam Fflewdwr Fflam
Floire Flores
Floires Frollo
Flollo Frollo
Flowering Valley Blooming Valley
Follon Frollo
Forbidden Castle Turning Castle
Forcaire Foucaire
Forcoars Couars
Foreign Isles Distant Isles
Fortagere Vortigern
Fortigers Vortigern
Fragatine Flegetine
Fraunce France
Frauns France
Frelent Freelenk
Freol Frollo
Fres Friesland
Frisia Friesland
Frisons Frion
Fullon Frollo
Fusabre Falsabre
Gabanasar Galamansar
Gachmuret Gahmuret
Gacies Gaheris
Gadriet Gaheris
Gadw Gandwy
Gagains Gawain
Gaheret Gareth
Gahereth Gareth
Gaheriet Gareth
Gaines Gannes
Gainor Guinevere
Gainovere Guinevere
Gais Galantis Gay Gallant
Galaas Galescalain
Galagars Galligar
Galahalt Galehaut
Galahos Galehaut
Galahot Galehaut
Galaiotos Galehaut
Galamine Calamine Valley
Galaodin Galehodin
Galaron Galleron
Galathin Galescalain
Galauk Galluc
Galays Wales
Galeas Galahad
Galeatto Galahad
Galeazzo Galahad
Galefort Galafort
Galehod Galyhud
Galentivet Galantivet
Galeotto Galahad
Galeres Gaheris
Galeron Galleron
Galerot Gaheris
Galeway Galloway
Galeys Wales
Galhaut Galehaut
Galihodin Galehodin
Galijus Gaul
Galindes Gallidés
Galiot Galehaut
Galis Wales
Gallegatins Galegantin
Gallway Galway
Gallya Gaul
Galoee Galloway
Galoes Gales
Galoes Wales
Galot Galehaut
Galvaginus Gawain
Galvoie Galway
Galwainus Gawain
Galwan Gawain
Galwes Galoes
Galygantynis Galegantin
Galyhodyn Galehodin
Galyot Galehaut
Galys Gales
Galys Wales
Galys Gwynans Galeguinant
Gamvis Ganves
Gandaries Candaces
Ganedic Quenedic
Ganedlu Gandelus
Ganemor Agamenor
Ganhardin Kahedins
Ganora Guinevere
Ganys Gannes
Gaoulbanos Gawain
Garagon Gorangon
Garanton Galanton
Garaunt Corrant
Garedas Caradoc
Garengan Gorangon
Gariens Gaheris
Garies Gaheris
Gariet Gareth
Gariette Gareth
Garingans Garengaus
Garrett Gareth
Garries Gaheris
Gartes of Nomeret Garras of Cork
Gasaudenc Gasoudenc
Gaskoyne Gascony
Gasoain Gaswain
Gasosin Gaswain
Gasouains Guengasoain
Gauan Gawain
Gaudin Waldin
Gaugain Gawain
Gaules Wales
Gaunes Gannes
Gaunter Gautere
Gausnes Gannes
Gauvain Gawain
Gauvein Gawain
Gauvens Gawain
Gavains Gawain
Gavaon Gawain
Gaven Gawain
Gaveros Caveron
Gavion Gawain
Gavloie Galloway
Gawein Gawain
Gawen Gawain
Gawin Gawain
Gawl Gaul
Gawnes Gannes
Gawyne Gawain
Gaymere Aymere
Gaynor Ganor
Gaynore Guinevere
Gaynus Gaius Quintillianus
Gayous Gaius Quintillianus
Gazan Gasan
Gefferen Agravain
Geffreyn Agravain
Gene Genoa
Geneloie Guenloie
Generez Gareth
Generon Ganarew
Generth Ganarew
Genes Gennes
Genever Guinevere
Genievre Guinevere
Genoreu Ganarew
Genoyre Guinevere
Gereint Geraint
Gerflet Girflet
Gerins Guerin
Gernan Gorvain Cadrut
Geromelant Guiromelant
Geryn Guerin
Geynelyn Guinglain
Gheddino Kahedins
Ghedin Kahedins
Gifflet Girflet
Giflet Girflet
Giglain Guinglain
Gilmarium Gillmor
Gilpatric Gillapatric
Gimires Guivret
Gimires Guivret
Gimoers Guinguemar
Ginevra Guinevere
Ginover Guinevere
Ginses Guincel
Gioiosa Guardia Joyous Guard
Giosefette Josephus
Giremelanz Guiromelant
Girone Guiron
Giuseppe Joseph
Glatissant Beast Questing Beast
Glecidolan Glodoalan
Gledi Elledi
Glem Glein
Gleni Glein
Glez Glex
Glifieu Glinyeu
Gligoras Grigoras
Gloaint Gloriant
Glois Gales
Glois Wales
Glomorgan Glamorgan
Gloyer Gloier
Gludas Claudas
Glwydd Gwlyddyn
Glwydyn Gwlyddyn
Glywysing Glevesing
Godoe Godez
Gofrei Girflet
Gogenar Guiomar
Goiomar Guiomar
Goionard Guiomar
Goirre Gorre
Golapas Galapas
Gollerothirame Golrotherame
Gologras Golagros
Gologrus Golagros
Goncestre Winchester
Gondeffles Gundeflé
Goneweys Gunvasius
Gonfal Gunvasius
Gonwais Gunvasius
Goot Delsert Goon Desert
Gore Gorre
Gormans Gornemant
Gornain Cadrus Gorvain Cadrut
Gornenis Gorvain Cadrut
Gors Gorre
Gorvenal Governal
Gosenain Gaswain
Gosselyn Guethelin
Goswain Gaswain
Goswhit Goosewhite
Gotegrin Godegrains
Gothlois Gorlois
Gotland Gothland
Goumeret Gomeret
Gouvernal Governal
Govomar Governal
Gowin Gawain
Graal Grail
Graaus Grail
Graaux Grail
Gradale Grail
Graemans Ginemans
Grahelens Greslemuef
Grailenc Graelent
Grasal Grail
Grastian Gratian
Graus Grail
Grayer Graier
Greal Grail
Greaus Grail
Gremions Germions
Gremporemole Groing Poire Mele
Griffayn Agravain
Grifles Girflet
Griflet Girflet
Grimfles Girflet
Gringras Guingras
Grinomelant Guiromelant
Grion Gawain
Gron Bron
Gruddlwyn Gwydolwyn
Gryffitz Grifuz
Gryflette Girflet
Gryngamore Guinguemar
Gryp Agrippe
Gualguainus Gawain
Guallegantins Galegantin
Guanhumara Guinevere
Guencelin Guethelin
Guendoloena Guinevere
Gueneour Guinevere
Gueneuora Guinevere
Guenevera Guinevere
Guenevere Guinevere
Guenievre Guinevere
Guenivere Guinevere
Guenloie Guinevere
Guenore Guinevere
Guerrehet Gareth
Gues Kay
Guevrevic York
Guigambresil Guinganbresil
Guigomar Guinguemar
Guillamure Gillomaur
Guillamurius Gillomaur
Guillomer Gilloman
Guimar Guivret
Guimbaut Guinebal
Guincester Winchester
Guinemans Ginemans
Guiner Guignier
Guinesores Windsor
Guingenor Guigenor
Guiret Guivret
Guivic Warwick
Gulistante Golistant
Guncestre Winchester
Gundregoas Godegrains
Gundrie Cundrie
Gunfasius Gunvasius
Gunnore Guinevere
Gunphar Gunvasius
Guothegrin Vortigern
Gurnemans Gornemant
Gurnion Guinnon
Gurone Guiron
Gursal Cursalem
Gurthrigern Vortigern
Guthland Gothland
Guy Gui
Guyamor Guiomar
Guyart Guivret
Gveneour Guinevere
Gvires Guivret
Gwaredur Gwawrddur
Gwenbaus Guinebal
Gwendoloena Guendoloena
Gwendoloena Guinevere
Gwenhwyfar Guinevere
Gwennor Guinevere
Gwenore Guinevere
Gwiffred Guivret
Gwinas Guinan the Pale
Gwinganiers Guinguemar
Gwinore Guinevere
Gwitard Guitard
Gwrtheyrn Vortigern
Gwrtheyrnion Vortigern
Gwylomar Gillomaur
Gwyrangon Gorangon
Gwythawg Gwyri Gwyddawg Gwyr
Gyane Guienne
Gylbart Gilbert
Gylbert Gilbert
Gylet Gyflet
Gylomar Gillmor
Gylopayk Gillapatric
Gynelyn Guinglain
Gyngalyn Guinglain
Gyngelayne Guinglain
Gyngolyn Guinglain
Gyrflette Gyflet
Gyron Guiron
Gyvreiz Guivret
Habe Hebes
Hafren Severn
Halape Aleppo
Halwyn Aflawn
Handeborc Haudebourc
Hanguin Anguish
Hanguist Hengist
Haningues Enygeus
Hardogabran Hargadabran
Harlews Herlan
Harlon Herlen
Harmaunce Armant
Harmel Harniel
Harpin Arpian
Harpion Arpian
Hartu Arthur
Hartus Artis the Pale
Harvy Hervi
Harvys Henri
Haucelice Hoselice
Haulter Autler
Havingues Enygeus
Hebal Ebel
Hebron Bron
Hector Ector
Hector Hedor
Helain Alain the Large
Helaine Alain the White
Helaine Elaine
Helaine Helen
Helayne Alain the White
Heleine Elaine
Helianor Lyanor
Helidus Elidus
Helin Elin
Hellyas Alain the Large
Heluins Elin
Helyas Elias
Helyes Helie
Helyois Herlion
Helyus Helain
Hemison Huneson
Heremi Eryri
Heremus Eryri
Heret Erec
Herford Hereford
Heriri Eryri
Hermaunce Armant
Hermesente Brimesent
Herminde Marin
Hermonie Parmenie
Herni Henri
Hernil Hervi
Hernoul Ernol
Hernox Ernol
Heruis Hervi
Herupeys Hirelglas
Hervi Henri
Herygall Ermyngall
Heryndale Ermyngall
Hestor Hector
Hewgon Hugon
Hider Yder
Hiderus Yder
Hierna Igerne
Hilomar Killaraus
Hiudan Husdent
Hoceliche Hoselice
Hodain Husdent
Hodris Hendris
Holias Belias the Amorous
Hondri Hendris
Hongrefort Hungerford
Horel Hoel
Hortoberlande Northumberland
Hoschelice Hoselice
Howeldin Holdin
Howell Hoel
Howling Beast Questing Beast
Hudenc Husdent
Hudos Yder
Huiteborc Videburgh
Humbald Inbalt
Hurganet Urgans
Hurlaine Varlan
Hussidan Wissant
Hyfeidd Hefeydd
Ibelis Iblis
Ide Idain
Ider Yder
Ides Yder
Idonia Husdent
Idres Yder
Idrous Yder
Idrus Yder
Ieroas Gervais the Slender
Igraine Igerne
Igrayne Igerne
Ilax Lac
Imbaltus Inbalt
Inde India
Inghiltarre England
Inglaterra England
Ingleande England
Inglonde England
Iom Yon
Ionapes Jonap
Ionas Jonathal
Iordains Jordan
Iosepas Joseph
Irlaunde Ireland
Irlonde Ireland
Irritaine Hyrcania
Irtac Itarc
Isalde Isolde
Isall Isolde
Isalt Isolde
Isaotta Isolde
Isder Yder
Iseo Isolde
Iserterre Iseterre
Iseult Isolde
Iseus Isolde
Iseut Isolde
Islie Elsam
Isodd Isolde
Isond Isolde
Isonde Isolde
Isot Isolde
Isotta Isolde
Isoude Isolde
Itiers Yder
Iuegyn Jugein
Iurdains Jordan
Ivan Yvain
Ivano Yvain
Iven Yvain
Iwainet Yvain
Iwan Yvain
Iwein Yvain
Iwen Yvain
Iwill Iwell
Ixolta Isolde
Izerla Igerne
Izerna Igerne
Izonda Isolde
Izota Isolde
Jaguz Iaguvius
Jastor Hector
Jeffelot Gyflet
Jehan John
Jenover Guinevere
Joelin Leolin
Joferit Johfrit
Jofreit Johfrit
Jone Joan Go-Too’t
Josafas Josephus
Josaphas Josephus
Joseus Joshua
Josue Joshua
Jozefent Josefent
Jrayn Evrain the Cruel
Jubaunce Jolyan
Julain Alain the Large
Jurflete Gyflet
Kae Kay
Kaedin Kahedins
Kahenin Conon
Kahenin Galenin
Kaheret Gaheris
Kaicester Caichester
Kalabrois Calabria
Kalafes Calafes
Kalebrant Calogrenant
Kalec Caleque
Kalegras Canelengres
Kaleph Caleph
Kallas Calcas
Kalles Calles
Kalocreant Calogrenant
Kalogrenant Calogrenant
Kalogreuant Calogrenant
Kalogrian Calogrenant
Kamaalot Camelot
Kamahalot Camelot
Kamblan Camlann
Kandiges Candaces
Kanedic Kanadic
Kanelangres Canelengres
Kanves Ganves
Karadan Caradoc
Karadin Caradoc
Karadoains Cadwain
Karados Caradoc
Karadues Caradoc
Karaduz Caradoc
Karahes Carhaix
Kardeuyle Cardueil
Kardigan Cardigan
Kardin Kahedins
Kardos Caradoc
Karduel Cardueil
Kardyfal Cardiff
Karedol Cardueil
Karidagan Cardigan
Karidoel Cardueil
Karidos Karedos
Karlion Caerleon
Karliun Caerleon
Karmadan Carmadan
Karnant Carnant
Karodas Caradoc
Karvain Carvain
Katigern Catigern
Katigis Catigern
Kavillon Escavalon
Kaynus Kay
Kayous Kay
Kazin Kay
Kehamans Kahanin
Kehedins Kahedins
Kehenans Kahanin
Kehenis Kahedins
Keheriet Gaheris
Kehydyns Kahedins
Kei Kay
Keie Kay
Keii Kay
Keis Kay
Kels Kay
Kemelen Camlann
Kenis Kay
Keredic Ceretic
Kerlioun Caerleon
Kes Kay
Keu Kay
Keuls Kay
Keux Kay
Kex Kay
Key Kay
Keye Kay
Keys Kay
Kineus Cheneus
Kinmare Kimmarc
Kinnard Kimmarcoch
Klarisanz Clarissant
Klingsor Clinschor
Knight of the Red Shield Red Knight
Koi Kay
Kollas Taulat
Kornoval Cornwall
Kurvenal Governal
Ky Kay
Kynmar Kinmarc
Labiane Ladiana
Lacanus Lucan
Ladugan Leodegan
Lady of the Lands Maiden of the Moors
Laeyer Leodegar
Lairis Laris
Lake Lac
Lambard Lampart
Lambewell Lanval
Lamerok Lamorat
Lamwell Lanval
Lanceor Launceor
Land Laid Waste Waste Land
Landevale Lanval
Landevall Lanval
Landuit Laudunet
Lanerv Lanvernis
Lanfal Lanval
Languis Anguish
Lanpart Lampart
Lansansissa Lasancis
Lanseloit Lancelot
Lanselos Lancelot
Lanselot Lancelot
Lanslate Lancelot
Lanslod Lancelot
Lansselos Lancelot
Lantayn Lancien
Lantsloot Lancelot
Lanzelet Lancelot
Lanzelot Lancelot
Lanzilet Lancelot
Lanziloto Lancelot
Larris Laris
Larys Laris
Laudon Landreas
Laudons Landens
Launcelot Lancelot
Launfalle Lanval
Launselake Lancelot
Lawnslot Lancelot
Layris Laris
Lazeliez Lazaliez
Leconuials Licorant
Lectargis Blehartis
Leger Leodegar
Lencien Lancien
Lenval Lanval
Lenvis Anguish
Leomye Leo
Leoneis Lothian
Leonin Leolin
Leonois Lyonesse
Lestenois Listenois
Leucan Lucan
Leyccer Leicester
Lianour Lynors
Liban Ban
Licoridés Acorde the Insolent
Lier Leodegar
Ligier Leodegar
Limbordo Lombardo
Limwris Limors
Lincestre Lancaster
Linconaus Licorant
Lindocolinum Caerliudcoit
Linval Lanval
Liombardo Lombardo
Lionbordo Lombardo
Liones Lyonesse
Lionors Lisanor
Liz Lis
Llongad Llawgad
Llyn Lliwan Linligwan
Lodegreance Leodegan
Lodient Lothian
Loez Loholt
Logereis Logres
Lohenois Lothian
Lohoz Loholt
Lohut Loholt
Lonazep Leverzep
Londres Logres
Lonezep Leverzep
Longres Logres
Longue Lonvego
Lonneys Lothian
Loonois Lothian
Lorengel Loherangrin
Loreyn Lorraine
Los Lot
Lost Lot
Lote Lot
Loth Lot
Lotto Lot
Lounde London
Lout Loholt
Lovezeph Leverzep
Lovezerp Leverzep
Lowes Louys
Lucas Lucius Catellus
Luces Lucius
Lucyus Lucius
Ludranes Hadrian
Lugain Luguain
Lugein Luguain
Lugereis Logres
Lukyn Lucan
Lumine Lomond
Lumond Lomond
Lunden London
Luntaguel Tintagel
Lupars Lampart
Lupus Louis
Lusheburgh Luxembourg
Luzes Lucas
Lyanoure Lynors
Lybeaus Desconus Fair Unknown
Lybia Libya
Lybius Disconyus Fair Unknown
Lyby Libya
Lyoneis Lothian
Lyonors Lisanor
Lyons Lyas the Large
Lyonses Leonce
Lysavander Lisavander
Lysays Isaiah
Lystenoyse Listenois
Maaglant Mahaglant
Mabanaring Mabonagrain
Maboagrin Mabonagrain
Maboun Mabon
Mabounnys Mabon
Macsen Maximus
Madog Madawg
Maelwys Melwas
Maeptisas Micipsa
Magan Maugantius
Magloas Agloas
Magouns Magance
Maheloas Moloas
Mahomme Mohammed
Mahommet Mohammed
Maisbeli Maesbeli
Malaot Malehaut
Malard Malec
Maldis Maudit the Wise
Malduz Maudit the Wise
Maldwiz Maudit the Wise
Malegryne Malagrin the Felon
Malgantius Maugantius
Maliaduc Meliadus
Malinus Malvasius
Maloalto Malehaut
Maloans Moloas
Maloant Malehaut
Maloaut Malehaut
Malohaut Malehaut
Malohier Malehaut
Malot Males
Malruc Maruc the Red
Manaal Manuel
Manael Manuel
Manessel Manassel
Manginoires Maglory
Maraghise Meraugis
Marandoise Marmiadoise
Marboars Narbaoc
Marc Mark
March Mark
Marco Mark
Marcus Mark
Marec Malruc
Marehant Marahant
Margon Menagormon
Margondes Maragond
Margondre Maragond
Margue Gormon Menagormon
Marguel Morgan le Fay
Marhaus Morholt
Marjodoc Mariadoc
Marlyn Merlin
Marran Maurin
Marrion Marsion
Mars Mark
Marte Mortal
Maruc Malruc
Maruel Mariel Bridge
Marundois Marmiadoise
Matan Mathem
Mategrant Matagran
Maten Matain the Cruel
Mathaaliz Mataliz
Matham Mataban the White
Matto Mathan the Brown
Maube Naube
Maudalet Maldalet
Maugys Malgier
Maulas Caulas
Maurel Mawrelle
Mauruc Malruc
Mauugeys Malgier
Mawrence Maurice
Maxen Maximus
Maydenland Maidenland
Maygan Maugantius
Mazedan Mazadan
Mecio Mennon the Small
Medalan Medelant
Mede Media
Medea Media
Medlane Medelant
Medraut Mordred
Medrawd Mordred
Medrod Mordred
Meldons Melidan
Meleagant Meliant
Meleaudon Melaldon
Meliagante Meliant
Meliakanz Meleagant
Melian Melehan
Meliodas Meliadus
Melior Mallias
Meljacanz Meleagant
Meljadoc Meliadoc
Meljaganz Meleagant
Meljahkanz Meleagant
Meljanz Meliant
Mellianz Meliant
Mellins Merlin
Meloine Milan
Melyadus Meliadus
Melyant Meliant
Melyas Meliant
Melydor Melidor
Melyhalt Malehaut
Melyodas Meliadus
Melyon Mellic
Melyot Melot of Logres
Menadap Mendamp
Menaduke Meneduke
Meotide Meochide
Merdhin Merlin
Meriadok Mariadoc
Merlan Marlan
Merrak Marrok
Merrocke Marrok
Mewreke Marrok
Meyes Metz
Micenes Mysenes
Mildore Melidor
Milienc Meleagant
Miljanz Meleagant
Miljanz Meliant
Milon Galoain
Mimalto Malehaut
Minaduc Aminaduc
Misappa Micipsa
Moddrede Mordred
Modred Mordred
Modret Mordred
Moine Maine
Mondrames Mordrain
Moraunt Morholt
Mordup Morvid
Moreoint Morvid
Morgalant Margalant
Morganor Marganor
Morice Morvid
Morodd Mark
Morois Morrois
Morold Morholt
Morolt Morholt
Mortayse Marcoisa
Morud Morvid
Morys Maurice
Mover of Blood Memory of Blood
Moyes Moses
Moyne Maine
Moys Moses
Moyses Metz
Moysses Moses
Mureif Moray
Murgalant Margalant
Murray Moray
Murreve Moray
Mutu Marcellus Mucius
Mylder Melidor
Naciamis Nascien
Nacien Nascien
Nacyanus Nascien
Nagroil Nogoid
Nambire Vambieres
Nancien Nascien
Nanowne Mennon the Small
Nanter Nentres
Nappas Narpus
Naram Narran
Narison Norison
Nascar Anascor
Nasiens Nascien
Natianus Nascien
Natiien Nascien
Natres Nentres
Nauerne Navarre
Necienzo Nascien
Neco Nwython
Nerlantes Darnantes
Neton Nwython
Neutres Nentres
Nichodemus Nicodemus
Nida Enide
Nimiane Ninniane
Nineve Nimue
Niniame Ninniane
Ninus Niniveh
Niut Nut
Noquetrant Nouquestran
Nores Norroiz of Lis
Norez Norroiz of Lis
Norgales North Wales
Norgoise North Wales
Norham Nohaut
Norhant Nohaut
Norhaut Nohaut
Norhorbelande Northumberland
Norot Norholt
Nortigean Nottingham
Notigehan Nottingham
Nown Nut
Noyt Nut
Ntzenebra Guinevere
Nucs Nut
Nudd Nut
Nun Nut
Nus Nut
Nuz Nut
Nyfer Nevern
Nymue Nimue
Occa Octa
Ochta Octa
Ocire Oscure
Ocise Crisea
Oddinello Dodinel
Ofustesar Mustensar
Ogrin Orgin
Ohel Hoel
Olyroun Oleron
Onesun Huneson
Opinaus Ospinel
Orberique Corbenic
Orcades Morcades
Orcaine Orkney
Orcany Orkney
Orchanie Orkney
Orfeu Orpheus
Orgeluse Orguelleuse of Logres
Orices Uriées
Orilus of Lalander Orguelleus of the Heath
Oriolt Oriel
Orkenise Orkney
Orkenye Orkney
Orlandeia Ireland
Orlende Belande
Orplet Orphilet
Orpylet Orphilet
Ortaine Orkney
Ortus Arthur
Orvale Angale
Osa Eosa
Osanain Oswain
Osenain Oswain
Osoman Oswain
Ossa Eosa
Ossaise Anseis
Osseneford Oxford
Outeropantragoras Uther Pendragon
Outrageus Offensive Knight
Ovan Yvain
Overgne Auvergne
Owain Yvain
Owein Yvain
Oxenford Oxford
Oysa Eosa
Ozanna Oswain
Paerne Payerne
Paierne Payerne
Paito Poitiers
Palerne Falerne
Palomides Palamedes
Pandragon Pendragon
Pant Ban
Paranis Perinis
Parcefal Perceval
Parceval Perceval
Parcifal Perceval
Parcival Perceval
Parlan Pellehan
Parsifal Perceval
Partzefal Perceval
Paryse Paris
Paryss Paris
Parzival Perceval
Passent Pascentius
Paternas Padarn
Paulas Palaus
Pavongais Pavengay
Pavy Pavia
Payarne Payerne
Pela Orso Palaus
Peles Pelles
Pelis Felix
Pellaus Palaus
Pellesvaus Perlesvaus
Pencru Petitcreiu
Peningue Penning
Penrhyn Rhionydd Pen Rhionydd
Percorentin Quimper-Corentin
Peredur Petreius Cotta
Peremont Faramon
Perlesvaus Perceval
Perlo Pernehan
Peron Peter
Persevall Perceval
Peter Petreius Cotta
Petreus Peter
Petrus Peter
Pettypas Petipace
Pharaen Pharaoh
Pharamond Faramon
Pharan Faram
Pharien Faran
Pharien Parent
Pinnogras Pignoras
Pinogras Pignoras
Pise Pisa
Plesaunce Pleasance
Pliopliherin Bleoberis
Po Papo
Poince Pontius Anthony
Polidamas Pollidamas
Polydetes Politetes
Polydeuces Politetes
Pomytayn Ponmecainne
Ponfret Pontefract
Pongerrens Pignoras
Port Tremble Pontremoli
Pount Tremble Pontremoli
Poydiconjunz Bagdemagus
Prandigan Brandigan
Prenzival Perceval
Pressivalle Perceval
Preter John Prester John
Prezzivale Perceval
Priwen Pridwen
Priziljan Briziljan
Pryamus Priamus
Pryan Priamus
Prydam Priadan the Black
Prydwenne Pridwen
Pudentius Budec
Pyonel Pionel
Qes Kay
Quei Kay
Quencelin Gaius Quintillianus
Ques Kay
Quevalon Escavalon
Qui Kay
Quikagrant Quingragan
Quine Quintareus
Quinquenart Kinkenart
Quintilian Gaius Quintillianus
Quois Kay
Quyntalyn Gaius Quintillianus
Ragisel Raguidel
Rahawd Rhyawdd
Raidurains Radurants
Ralidol Randol
Ramsey Romney
Randurz Raindurant
Raunald Rannald
Ravinity Aravius
Redic Ceretic
Reged Rheged
Regeym Regin
Reir Eryri
Remote Isles Distant Isles
Rens Rim
Retho Rions
Rhicaradoch Rescraddeck
Rhines Rions
Rhonewen Rowena
Riciers Richard
Rictor Rions
Ridek Yder
Ridulph Riculf
Rience Rions
Rigatamos Riothamus
Rilanfer Dilianfer
Rimarc Richomarch
Rimarec Kinmarc
Ringar Kincar
Rins Rim
Riounes Rions
Ritho Rions
Riton Rions
Riun Rions
Riwalin Rivalin
Roaldur Rual li Foitenant
Roch Poch
Roche Noire Black Rock
Rodarchus Rhydderch
Rogemont Rougemont
Rogisabens Rosche Sabins
Roisawenz Rosche Sabins
Rokingham Rockingham
Romme Rome
Romsey Romney
Ron Rhun
Rondallsete Rondoles Hall
Ronix Rowena
Ronwen Rowena
Rostrik Rions
Roulyons Roolant
Roume Rome
Rowan Rowena
Roxiena Rowena
Royens Rions
Royns Rions
Roystone Rions
Rozain Rosete la Bloie
Ruiston Rions
Rumarek Romarec
Rumareth Romarec
Run Rhun
Rusten Rions
Rycolf Riculf
Ryence Rions
Ryens Rions
Ryons Rions
Ryton Rions
Sabalant Balanc
Sacremors Sagremor
Sadap Sardup
Sagarmour Sagremor
Sagracinte Sarrasinte
Sahaladins Saladin
Saidi Seidi
Saigremor Sagremor
Salados Esclados
Salafres Seraphe
Salbrons Salebrun
Saleadin Saladin
Salergne Falerne
Salerno Falerne
Salesbiri Salisbury
Salesbury Salisbury
Salhadin Saladin
Salinas Sinados
Salinas Solinas
Samirami Semiramis
Sampson Samson
Sanam Sevain
Sangradale Grail
Sangreal Grail
Sansadonies Sandedoine
Sanxo Samson
Saphar Safir
Sarache Sarras
Saranhon Garanhon
Sarpenic Sapinoie
Sarrasins Saracens
Sarrazins Saracens
Satellege Satellie
Sater Stater
Sbrein Ysberin
Scalabrone Esclabor
Scalbrino Esclabor
Scalliotto Escalot
Scalot Escalot
Schamilot Camelot
Schorham Sorhaut
Schoydelakurt Joy of the Court
Sebile Sedile
Segrain Senigran
Segramors Sagremor
Segwarides Seguarades
Seleyses Celices
Selyses Celices
Selyvaunt Celinant
Senebruns Sanebron
Sequence Secace
Sernagare Servagat
Sesile Sicily
Sessoine Soissons
Sessoingnes Saxons
Sessoynes Saxons
Sestor Sertorius
Seure Secace
Sexes Serses
Sextorius Sertorius
Sextynour Sertorius
Sezile Sicily
Shallot Escalot
Siandre Landrie
Siesia Soissons
Sigamor Sagremor
Sigris Sagris the Small
Sigurans Segurant
Sinalaut Sinelant
Sinargos Minados
Siwenis Sevain
Sodal Esclados
Sodric Rodric
Sogremor Sagremor
Soleyse Sorelois
Sonegreons Sornegrieu
Sorailes Sorelois
Sorehaut Sorhaut
Sorelice Hoselice
Sorgales South Wales
Sormedon Sarmedon
Sosie Soissons
Soudan Sultan
Southsex Sussex
Spayne Spain
Spignogres Espinogrés
Spinagrus Espinogrés
Spinogres Espinogrés
Spruysland Prussia
Spyan Spain
Spynagrose Espinogrés
Strait Marches Narrow Borderland
Strange Isles Distant Isles
Strangore Estrangorre
Strangort Estrangorre
Striguel Tréguier
Sugales South Wales
Suize Soissons
Sulien Sulyen
Supplicius Sulpicius
Surdamur Soredamor
Sureluse Sorelois
Surgenale South Wales
Surie Syria
Sutgales South Wales
Suziano Oswain
Suzille Sicily
Sweben Sweden
Swetherwike Sweden
Swethland Sweden
Sygramors Sagremor
Sylchestre Silchester
Syllatel Gillasel
Symeu Simeon
Synades Sinados
Synados Sinados
Synadoun Snowden
Synadowne Snowden
Syppynabylis Supinabel
Syprus Cyprus
Syvarne Severn
Tabronit Thabronit
Tahalais Thailais
Talac Taulat
Talgesin Taliesin
Tallac Taulat
Talyessin Taliesin
Tambre Tamar
Tamelirde Carmelide
Tanagues Canagues
Taneborc Tenebroc
Taneburgh Tenebroc
Tanet Thanet
Taningues Tannings
Tarebron Tenebroc
Tarmelide Carmelide
Tarquin Tericam
Taubarie Tiberias
Teandelayn Tidogolain
Teliau Teilo
Teliesin Taliesin
Tenabroc Tenebroc
Teondeleyn Tidogolain
Teriquam Tericam
Terrabyl Tarabel
Terrican Tericam
Tervanna Therouanne
Testregeis Destrigales
Thamer Damen
Thanaguis Tanaguin
Thanor Canor
Thelgesinus Taliesin
Thisterum Tristan
Thistronn Tristan
Thomas Flollo Frollo
Thor Tor
Thristrum Tristan
Thumas Thomas
Tibaut Thiebaut of Winden
Ticaverne Cicaverne
Tigel Tréguier
Til Tomeil Tintagel
Tinas Dinas
Tindagel Tintagel
Tindagol Tintagel
Tistram Tristan
Titomeil Tintagel
Tolleme Tholomer
Torre Tirre
Tors Tor
Torz Tor
Tosa Eosa
Trallwch Tallwch
Tramtrist Tantrist
Trasfilas Cressile
Trat Treroit Tribuit
Trath Treuroit Tribuit
Trebuchet Trabuchet
Tremtrist Tantrist
Treverin Traverain
Triadan Tridan
Tribuet Trabuchet
Tryamour Triamour
Tryan Drian
Tryshchane Tristan
Trystan Tristan
Tuskane Tuscany
Tyntagel Tintagel
Tyntagill Tintagel
Ugerne Igerne
Ugier Roger
Ugrim Orgin
Ulphin Ulfin
Ulphyne Ulfin
Urbigene Urbgennius
Urfin Ulfin
Urgain Urbgennius
Urgence Urbgennius
Urgennius Urbgennius
Urgent Urbgennius
Uriain Urien
Urian Urien
Uriien Urien
Urijan Urien
Urikeure Vrikevreue
Urjen Urien
Uryens Urien
Utepandragon Uther Pendragon
Utepantragun Uther Pendragon
Uter Uther Pendragon
Uthir Pen Dragon Uther Pendragon
Uthur Uther Pendragon
Uthyr Uther Pendragon
Utpandragon Uther Pendragon
Uwayne Yvain
Vaddon Badon
Vadoan Valdoan
Vagon Vagan
Valacin Evalachin
Valence Baldulph
Vallone Avalon
Valois Wales
Valven Gawain
Valydone Valdoan
Vance Vaux
Vandeberes Vambieres
Vanour Guinevere
Vaspasien Vespasian
Vaspasyanus Vespasian
Vaspasyens Vespasian
Velivera Guinevere
Venegus Fernagu
Vermiglia Red City
Verrine Veronica
Vertaggiere Vortigern
Vertigier Vortigern
Verzeppe Leverzep
Videsores Windsor
Viegloeis Wigalois
Vigenin Jugein
Vigoles Wigalois
Villamus Gillomaur
Vinchester Winchester
Vindesores Windsor
Viscestre Winchester
Vitiglier Vortigern
Vrien Urien
Vrweyn Urien
Vtere Uther Pendragon
Vther Uther Pendragon
Waheries Gaheris
Wales Gales
Walewein Gawain
Walgan Gawain
Walgannus Gawain
Walis Wales
Waluuanii Gawain
Walwainus Gawain
Walwein Gawain
Walweitha Galloway
Walwin Gawain
Walydeyne Valdoan
Wandesborow Vambieres
Wandlesbiri Vambieres
Wanis Guanis
Wanore Guinevere
Warguit Warwick
Wathelan Wadling
Wathelyne Wadling
Wawain Gawain
Wawayne Gawain
Waynor Guinevere
Welsh Causeway North Wales Causeway
Wenneveria Guinevere
Wigein Jugein
Wilis Bilis
Winwalite Gringolet
Wolfsatellege Satellie
Wounded King Maimed King
Wunder Wonder
Wyghte Wight
Wylters Vulteus Catellus
Wyndesan Wissant
Xerxes Serses
Yblis Iblis
Ydain Idain
Ydes Yder
Ydet Yder
Ydras Yder
Ydraus Zidraus
Ydrus Yder
Ygerne Igerne
Ygraine Igerne
Yguerne Igerne
Ynglande England
Yniol Niwl
Yniwl Niwl
Yoain Yvain
Youth of the Golden Circle Vallet of the Circle of Gold
Yovain Yvain
Yovin Yvain
Yrlande Ireland
Yrlond Ireland
Ysaies Isaiah
Yselond Iceland
Yseulte Isolde
Yseut Isolde
Ysland Iceland
Ysodd Isolde
Ysolt Isolde
Ysonde Isolde
Ysot Isolde
Yvein Yvain
Yvonet Yvain
Ywaines Yvain
Ywan Yvain
Ywons Yvain
Zenevra Guinevere
Zenibra Guinevere
Zersides Crissidés
Zezile Sicily
Zinevra Guinevere

Commonly Translated Words

Aigue Ford
Atre Cemetery
Avec With
Belle Fair
Biau Fair
Blanche White
Blank White
Bleu Blue
Bois Wood
Bon Good
Brun Brown
Busco Wood
Capiele Chapel
Car Cart
Cent Hundred
Champ Field
Charrete Cart
Chartre Prison
Chasteaus Castle
Chastel Castle
Chat Cat
Chevalier Knight
Citié City
Cleddyf Sword
Cor Horn
Cote Coat
Coup Stroke
Croix Cross
Dame Lady
Damoiselle Maiden
Demoiselle Maiden
Destroit Narrow
Deu Two
Diablo Devil
Dolereus Dolorous
Dura Hard
Dure Hard
Epee Sword
Ermite Hermit
Escu Shield
Espee Sword
Espine Thorn
Estrange Strange
Estroit Narrow
Fée Fairy
Fer Fire
Fontain Spring
Fontaine Fountain
Forte Strong
Gais Gay/Merry
Gaste Waste
Gaut Wood
Geant Giant
Gros Large/Big/Fat
Gué Ford
Gwenn White
Gwyn White
Haut High
Hen Old
Ile/Ille Isle/Island
Jaiant/Jiande Giant
Joie Joy
Lac Lake
Lai Lay
Laide Ugly
Lais Ugly
Lande Heath/Moor
Lluch Lake
Llwch Lake
Longtaignes Distant
Mains Hands
Mal Bad/Wicked
Marche Border
Merveille Marvel
Mons Hill
Montaingne Mountain
Mort/Morte Death/Dead
Neuvelle New
Noire Black
Nom Name
Nuovo New
Or Gold
Palagio Palace
Perdu Lost
Perileus Perilous
Perilleux Perilous
Perron Stone
Pesche Fish
Petit Little/Small
Petrone Stone
Pleur Tear
Plor Tear
Pont Bridge
Porte Door/Gate
Premier First
Pucele Maiden
Reale Royal
Reine Queen
Rocca Rock
Roche Rock
Roi King
Roine Queen
Rouge Red
Rous Red
Sage Wise
Salvaesche Wild
Sanc Blood
Sans Without
Savage/Sauvage Wild
Schastel Castle
Scura Dark
Seche Dry
Siege Seat
Sire Lord
Tavola Table
Tembre Dark
Tenebreus Dark
Terre Land
Tertre Hill
Tor Tower
Tour Tower
Un One
Une One
Valle Valley
Vecchio Old
Vermiglio Red
Vert/Verde Green

Still Stuck? Try these letter replacement suggestions:
Note: when Welsh is written using the English alphabet, k is interchangable with c and v is interchangeable with f. In almost all cases, I favored f over v and c over k.
a with nothing if at the beginning of a word followed by a consonant
aus with l
b with p
c with g or k
cs with x
d with t
dd with th
e with i or y
e with nothing if at the beginning of a word followed by a consonant
f with v or ph
g with c or k or w
h with nothing if at the beginning of a word followed by a vowell
i with y or e or j
j with I
l with u or aus
k with c or g
p with b
ph with f
t with d
th with dd
u with l
v with w or f
w with g or v
w with o if used as a vowell
x with cs
x with s
x with sh
y with i or e

Copyright Christopher Bruce. All Rights Reserved. Provided here by his kind permission. Layout of book modified to fit the Celtic Twilight format.