From his illustrations of Sidney Lanier's The Boy's King Arthur, 1917

Inside Cover
So the child was delivered unto Merlin, and so he bare it forth
And when they came to the sword that the hand held, King Arthur took it up
"I am Sir Launcelot du Lake, King Ban's son of Benwick, and knight of the Round Table"
And lived by fruit and such as he might get
It hung upon a thorn, and there he blew three deadly notes
The lady Lyoness ... had the dwarf in examination
"oh, gentle knight," said la Belle Isolde, "full woe am I of thy departing"
"They fought with him on foot more than three hours, both before him and behind him"
King Mark slew the noble knight Sir Tristram as he sat harping before his lady la Belle Isolde
When Sir Perceval came nigh the brim, and saw the water so boisterous, he doubted to overpass it
Sir Mador's spear brake all to pieces, but the other's spear held
He rode his way with the queen unto Joyous Gard
Then the king ran towards Sir Mordred, crying, "Traitor, now is thy death day come"
Then Sir Launcelot saw her visage, but he wept not greatly, but sighed