Color Plates
How Arthur Drew Forth the Sword
King Arthur Beholds the Sword Excalibur
Arthur and the Questing Beast
Beaumains Overthrows Two Knights at the Stream
Parting of Sir Tristram and la Belle Isault
The Damsel Cast a Spell on Merlin and Departed
The Shield of the White Knight
Elaine Guarding Lancelot's Shield
Black and White Plates
Merlin, The Enchanter
How Arthur Drew Forth the Sword
The Lady of the Lake
How King Arthur Received the Sword Excalibur
How the Black Knight was Struck Down by Merlin to Save King Arthur
So Balin Took the Sword and Drew It Lightly Out
Oh! Balan, Mine Own Brother, Thou Hast Slain Me, and I Thee
Tents Were Set Beside Some Stream, Knights Would Tell Adventures
How King Arthur Greeted Queen Guinevere
Queen Guinevere Goes A-Maying
Morgan Sends a False Sword and Scabbard to King Arthur
The Garment Burst Into a Flame
So Prianus Was Christened
Combat of Sir Lancelot and Sir Turquine
The Adventures of Sir Gareth and the Damsel Linet
So They Plighted Their Troth to Each Other
How Sir Tristram Rode Away
La Belle Isault
The Wily Vivien
"Oh, Sir Lancelot, Thou Hast Betrayed Me"
"Oh, Galahad, I Cannot Tear Thee As I Would"
How Sir Percival Killed the Serpent
How Sir Bors Was Saved From Killing His Brother
Lancelot Standing Upon the Threshold of the Door
Elaine, the Lily Maid of Astolat
How the Lifeless Elaine Floated Down to Camelot
Sir Mordred in Great Fear and Pain Fled From the Court
But the King's Side Had the Victory, For He Was Beyond Himself With Might and Passion
"Betide Me Life, Betide Me Death, Now I See Him Yonder Alone"
Illustrations and Plates from 1923 Edition of Sir James Knowles' King Arthur and His Knights. Most are by Louis Rhead but the book claims other artists were used as well but are unidentified. A number of the works show Rhead's signature but a very few show no signature and at least one has a signature that looks like Wright