The Grail's High Mysterious Call
The Swan-Lord Gurnemanz and His Daughter Blanid
Klingsor's Palace
Kundry and Amfortas
Kundry Parched with Thirst
Parsifal and His Lady Blanid
Parsifal and His Foeman Ferris
Parsifal and the Sacred Spear
Parsifal Blesses Kundry
Parsifal Kisses Kundry
Parsifal Leaves the Empty Castle
Parsifal the Fool
The Stricken King
Titurel and the Grail
Titurel Bears the Sacred Spear

from T.W. Rolleston's Parsifal, or the Legend of the Holy Grail, Presented by Willy PogÓny, London and Banbury: Vincent Brooks, Day and Sons Ltd. and Henry Stone and Son Ltd., 1912.

Parsifal With Sacred Spear and Grail