EDMUND H GARRETT (1853-1929)

Three Angels Bear the Holy Grail
The Boy Arthur and the Lady of the Lake
Sir Bedivere Throws Excalibur into the Mere
Elaine and Launcelot's Shield
Galahad Rides out of Camelot
Gareth Pitches Hesperus Over the Bridge
Guinevere Sees Arthur by the Castle Wall
Guinevere Takes Refuge in a Convent
Launcelot Beholds the Towers of Castle Carbonek
Lynette and Arthur
The Nun and Galahad
The Tournament in the Meadow by Camelot
from Francis Nimmo Greene's Legends of King Arthur and His Court, Boston, Mass, Ginn & Co., 1901.

The Arming of Sir Launfal
Sir Launfal Opens His Hall
Sir Launfal Scorns a Beggar
Sir Launfal's Return
from The Vision of Sir Launfal, Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1891