H.J. FORD (1860-1941)

Archers Threaten Lancelot
Arthur and the Questing Beast
How Arthur Drew the Sword
Arthur Gets Excalibur
Arthur and Guinevere Kiss Before all the People
The Black Barget
How Sir Bors was Saved from Killing His Brother
The Damsel Warns Sir Balin
The Death of Balin and Balan
Elaine Ties Her Sleeve Round Sir Lancelot's Helmet
Excalibur Returns to the Mere
Sir Galahad Opens the Tomb
Gareth and Linet
Guenevere and Sir Bors
Guenevere Sends Her Page to Lancelot For Help
The Lady Lyonesse Sees Sir Gareth
Lancelot at the Chapel
Lancelot and the Dwarf
Lancelot Comes Out of Guenevere's Room
Linet and the Black Knight
Sir Mador Accuses Guenevere
Merlin and Vivien
Sir Mordred
Morgan Casts Away Excalibur's Scabbard
Sir Percivale Slays the Serpent
Lancelot Bears Off Guenevere
Lancelot Brings Guenevere to Arthur

from King Arthur: The Tales of the Round Table. Ed. Andrew Lang, New York, Longmans, Green and Co., 1902