DORE', GUSTAVE (1832-83)

   Gustave Doré was born in 1833 in Strassbourg, France, the son of an engineer. By the age of fifteen, Doré was already a famous draughtsman.
   In a short time, he developed into the most talented and prolific illustrators ever born.
   He was a self-taught man whose style and technique have been a great influence in the development of book illustrations. At the time of his work, painted pictures had to be engraved in wood, the engraving inked and rolled to produce the illustration. In contrast to other artists of the era, Doré directly placed his drawings on the log of wood, which was stabbed by one of the 40 graphic helpers who supported him in the course of years.
   Doré became very widely known for his illustrations to such books as Dante's Inferno (1861), Don Quixote (1862), and the Bible (1866).
   In spite of his success as an illustrator, he dreamed of being a painter. Although he started painting after 1870, his paintings compared with his illustrations are of less importance. He was also a sculpturer.
   He lived for his work. Even though he was seen with several actresses and singers, he never married. He died in 1883.

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