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Out of Avalon: Tales of Old Magic and New Myths, Jennifer Roberson (Editor)

The Pagan King, Edison Marshall, March 30, 2001, Green Knight Publishing, Paperback - 336 pages 1 edition

Parzival and the Stone from Heaven: A Grail Romance Retold for Our Time, Lindsay Clarke (Hardcover - January 2002)

Pendragon (Pendragon Cycle, No 4), Stephen R. Lawhead, Avon, September 1995, Paperback, 448 pages

Pendragon's Banner (Bk 2), Helen Hollick, St Martins Press, Dec 1996, Hardcover

Percival's Angel, Anne Eliot Crompton, Sep 1999, Paperback - 256 pages

The Prince and the Pilgrim, Mary Stewart, William Morrow & Company, January 1996, Hardcover

Prince and the Pilgrim, Mary Stewart, Fawcett Books, April 1997, Paperback, 308 pages

Queen's Champion: The Legend of Lancelot Retold, Cris Newport, Edward, Jr. Beard (Illustrator), Ron, II Rousselle (Illustrator), January 20, 1998, 1 edition Paperback - 248 pages

The Road to Camelot: Lancelot's Crystal, Marti Phillips (Paperback)

The Road To Camelot: Lancelot's Legacy, Marti Phillips (Paperback)

Edwin Arlington Robinson, James P. Carley, Boydell & Brewer, May 1990, Paperback, 387 pages